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Hi Luminary… Timezone script is really interesting and this has many features I like, but can you make it more complete with a CMS? and only logged in users can view the site. can you add the following features too. 1) news section 2) message board OR a forum 3) download section (for forms and other pdf files) 4) photo gallery

and any feature that is required for an intranet web site.

Great script. Keep it up…. Thanks


Thanks for the feedback. Only logged in users can view the site, so I am not sure I understand what you mean.

You would need to explain what you mean by news section a bit more. There is all ready a “Notice” feature in place, that displays site wide notices to all users.

I did not include a message forum as this is an employee management & time clock script, and did not see the need for it. Personal messages are in place, and I would assume these would be used for communications.

Having a download section for employee forms etc seems smart, and I will add this to the list for the first update.

Thanks again.

Hi, Thanks for the details. I will try to explain in much details, but sorry for my poor english.

1) News section

When user logged in, you can display few news / messages under welcome message (may a 3 column block with xxx rows selected from admin.) this can be a common message to all staff when they logged in, NOTICE is a personnel messaging type like email??? isn’t it? I also noticed that only one recipient can be selected per message, can you make it multiple recipients?

2) Menu System

When you create a CMS, which can include categories, and you can put extra pages in the top menu CALENDAR & MY ACCOUNT, but ‘news’ or ‘message’ category items should be displayed under welcome message.

recently added forms also can be displayed under welcome message for few days.

I have few comments about time management but I will send it to you later.

Thank you very much.

Good luck with sales!

Thanks! :)

Hi there, really nice employee management script. Is it possible for you to add the language selection on profile edit pages of managers and employees, too?

Is there a german language file I missed?

Cheers, Steve

Do you mean where each person can choose a different language file?

Yep. E.g. for international online businesses.

I will add it to the list of features to add in.

Is this done with codeigniter?

No, no framework was used. This is all good ‘ol hand coding from scratch.

looks so good… can you add cvs to export data to a payroll systems, also could be good to allow only to clock in from a ip adress

clock in and out with optional ip address

This is the initial version, and depending on sales, I have more features planned in future updates.

Hi Luminary, To make your script more potential, instead of depending on sales, the better idea is to make it with more features. Thus people will be forced to buy it instead of waiting and see.

My question is; if it is clock-in & clock-out with ip address, will this work on a card system where people use to sign in / sign out? Otherwise card systems cvs or xml data import is very useful.

Also in third world countries or in developing countries, every staff will not have his/her own computer to log in, instead every staff will have a staff id which is used to sign in, in this case which option is better?

I am pretty sure, with all these ideas and comments, you will make really good staff management software with office intranet web site.

REALLY GREAT WORK… hoping to see more features

Thank you


I will keep these ideas in mind for future updates.

Luminary… Thanks for listening our ideas, indeed those will make benefit to you as well.

send you email 2 days ago don’t look you wanna answer or sell your product


I do not recall getting an email from you. I just checked again and did not see anything. What was your email? Can you send it again please? Your CodeCanyon username is not matching up to any of the emails I received.

very useful and great style ! Good job :)

Thanks so much! :)

I sent you an email a few days ago too, but I imagine mine was quite a bit longer than amircann100’s so I would understand if you haven’t gotten around to reading/replying, but I just want to confirm that you received it… thanks.


Yes, I did get yours, and yes I am still reading/going over it. Yup, it was long!! :)

This is really cool script. I was looking for something like this and brought some other script recently, But I am going to buy this script and replace. Need few more futures.

Good Luck with sales!! Great Job

Thanks! I appreciate the comments :)

Hi Luminary

As always fantastic work but I have to say that the biggest challenge I see is “IP address” management. You have to limit people logging in externally expect the managers.

The way its currently set up is that any employee can log in from home and add few extra hours.

I think this is a minor feature but a big one in terms of control.

Hope my feedback helps and I will gladly purchase it once this feature is added. :)


Yes that is true, but it is based in part as an honor system. Sure an employee can log in from home and add extra hours, but it would show to the person doing payroll. If you claim more hours then you work, it will eventually bite you in the arse.

At my job (a very large company) our timesheets are completely honor based. We log in (from work, home, our phone etc) and add our daily hours. I based TimeZone around my experiences at my job.

Thats true for professional environments but lets say a small business who hires college students or any non-professional, they have to deal with these kids who dont really care and will try to add that extra hour at some point. I other words you have to have some level of control over this aspect.

The reason Im suggesting this is because I had worked with a similar script in the past and it never took off due to this very specific feature “IP management”.

I wonder whats the best way to tackle this with minimal effort and not having to rework the entire code.

You bring up some very good points, things I had not considered when writing the code for TimeZone.

Will have to wait and see how sales go, and what kind of request and comments I get from the buyers.

Thanks :)

Hello, I like the script and would like to buy. Does this have overtime capabilities and can you print hours for payroll.


It does not specify “overtime” hours – anything over 40 hours could be considered overtime.

You can easily print the time cards right from the web – otherwise, no I did not include any printable specific pages.

This is the initial version of TimeZone, and feedback I get from buyers will dictate the features I will add in future updates.

I will support your efforts and buy this to encourage you to add more features

Thanks, I appreciate that!

If you think of anything you would like to see add, shoot me an email via my profile here on Code canyon and I will add it to the list.

Any thoughts of converting this to a Wordpress plugin? The community could really use it and you’d make a killing. Looks like a good application.

It is a possibility, something I am planning on looking into. :)

Converting to WP Plugin will help a lot!! and also is there any plan for some kind of approval??



This was the initial release of TimeZone. I have many ideas for the first update, and will try to add in as many new features as I can.

Thanks! :)

Hi, nice project. Just a few pre sale questions.

1. How do employees clock in?

2. Does the program save the clock in times?

3. Can employees check in/out wherever they are? How can i ensure that they don’t cheat the system and check in/out whenever they want?

4. Can the timezone be changed for my region?

Hi,, Please check out the live demo. You will see how employees can clock in and out. Yes, the dates/times are save in the database as timestamps. Timezone can be easily set during install.


I am trying to purchase your theme, but I wanted to find out if it would be possible for the Admin would be possible to change the Avatar for an employee. Is that possible?

Is it possible to change the functionality to allow the Admin rather upload the Image for the employee? Or it would be more work?

It can be added, basically you would just use the same code found on the employees profile page. You would need to change some variables of course.

I can help you with this if you need.

Okay. I will contact you in your email. Thanks

HI, why i can not see in timecard overview the Time In / out. I only afer click on day, This is not so good.

yes that would be great, if you in the timecard see the Time In/ out and not only the also makes no sense to see only the hours. when there will be a change,? currently is the software unusable without this.

I will add this to the list for the next update. No ETA as of now, I have to complete the current update I am working on now, and then Reside is up next on the list.

i love you :-) your software is great

Hello.. I am using some other script now, But I like this one better and I want to get it, Can you please install this one for me, Thanks,

Hi, Once your purchase TimeZone, installation is easy. There is an install page that you will run and documentation to walk you through the install process.

hi love your script, works great – I really see some great potential in this script, If i could suggest something for maybe your next update or release - ability to create shifts (times) that could be applied to employee, as well that would be option to use. Another feature would be a feature I call “little-snitch” You would 1st create roles- Manager – Supervisor – Staff etc, and for each role you create you define the duration time of a break (if they are given more than 1 break you would create another break rule) define how long there given lunch break is list is endless.

In a report the HR or manager can see it would show anytime an employee is tardy and the duration in minutes. (probably in red) which would keep record of all your tardy on your record.

hmm I didn’t notice your script isn’t really keeping track of the employees clockin and clock outs, its just keeping track of there total hours per day..

hmmm… thats not good at all crappy crappy, back to my search on codecanyon.

I checked the box to be notified of any updated of this script, i do hope you consider adding the check in and checkout times for every time an employee logs in and out, otherwise this script is… well just not a time clock.

This is on the list for the next update.

Thanks for your suggestions too, I will add them as well, and see what I can do.