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This does not work correctly with PHP above 5.3. If you upgrade to PHP, all password functionality fails to work and any password is allowed. If you have a username and enter ANYTHING in the password box, you will be signed in.

They are not supporting the product here because they want you to pay $28 to tell them it doesn’t work with newer versions of PHP.

I want to buy this, but it appears from other comments that there are issues with PHP versions after 5.3. Can you confirm and inform when an update will be released?

any one need same ping me back


darrylm Purchased

They are no longer supporting this product, and does not respond to any inquires. Don’t waste your time on purchasing this code


How can i change the temperature to celsius? Also, the saved entries for users does not show up in the fields?

Regards, Christian

Hi, we are interested in your project, I just want to know if you can integrate the geolocation, since there are employees in the field.

s there a way i can add this to my existing erp?

Dear, The next update is ? Have you a next update for this item ? Thank you for your reply :)

I posted 3 comments and I never had an answer, it’s a shame because your script is great

I posted 3 comments and I never had an answer, it’s a shame because your script is great

Thanks! :)
See my last message for Support information.

what message are you talking about, it’s possible to send me the link, thank you :)

I apologize, I thought I had posted the link. The link is also on my Profile page, on the Item page and in the Support tab for each item.

You can shoot me a support ticket at


To all buyers and those interested, It is time to start giving my buyers the Support they deserve with the launch of a new Support System that is designed with Buyers and those thinking of buying in mind. Need support? head on over and check it out.

WARNING: DO NOT BUY THIS. I left a comment 10 months ago about a HUGE issue and no response, no time for those that have paid! The issue is actually affecting my company exactly ONE YEAR to the date of implementation – so by then – shockingly – all support has expired.

I would be happy to help you if I can. Shoot me a support ticket at



stak74 Purchased

Luminary, can my staff add their lunch break or smoke break as well in batch afterwards or do they have to clock out and in again?

Both really. They can clock out/in for it at the time they take it, or if you (as an Admin) enable Time Edits, they can manually enter in breaks.


stak74 Purchased

Thank you, Luminary. I just purchased it.

Great, thanks so much! If you run into any questions, you can shoot me a support ticket at

Thanks again!

Hi! I want to buy this script, but i see in comment that you can´t translate the button: clock in and clock out to spanish. It is possible with the new version?


Hi, yes, you can change the text for the Clock In/Out buttons. I would be happy to help you if you need it. You can always shoot me a support ticket at

Hello, I have found that the script does not work under ssl, the wesbeite is no longer displayed with ssl encryption.

Please can you help me ?

Thanks Karl



Hi Karl, That is great to hear that you were able to figure it out. :)

If you have any questions or run into any othet issues, you can always shoot me a support ticket at

Luminary, thank you for the great package.

Are you taking feature requests at this point? Because if you are, I know it would create a lot of value for me if I could get email clock in and out notifications on any, specific, or all employees.

I would consider paying extra for the functionality as well.

Maybe a vote makes sense, or there’s somewhere else I can post the request?

Thank you for listening.

-A Satisfied Customer


Yes! You can create a Public support ticket with the feature request at Thanks!

Is this even an active product? Support page and Demo are all offline.

Hello, where can I see the demo?

I’m interested in buying this script but I can not get in touch with you.

Thank you


sphynxma Purchased

Is this going to get an update soon? I bought this a few years ago, but it seems that it only receives minor updates once per year.

Is the project dead? Because I am interested in buying it if the author continues.