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Anyone on here able to tell me where to upload the files to in GoDaddy? My database is setup and I understand how to change permissions but where do I actually upload the files to?

I would be happy to help you if I can. Shoot me a support ticket at Thanks!

When this system can run on PHP7?

Can you also limited IP address for login?

No service, no support, no update!!!!!

I submitted a ticket for information on updating the code. There are certain things that should be included as a general support of your code such as updating the code. Its not in the documentation. So it is reasonable service that you provide that information without requiring customers to pay for support.

Now you want to charge for customization or related support request that is one thing but for updating the code that is a required service you should provide in your documentation which I have yet to find under its own heading.

I expect a response on this


Vito227 Purchased

Hello, can you tell me when your next major update will be released?

Hi, I have a major security problem. I enter my email with any password and I can still access the account. Do you know where is the problem? The installation went well, but the Administrator password had to be entered manually into the database. Thank you for your collaboration!

Hi is it possible to have the temperature in celsius?

Hi, The user must always write again his phone number and his address because the profile does not keep it in memory. Is this a database problem? It’s just the phone number and address box that causes the problem.

Thank you

When was this app last updated?

Has this app been abandoned by its developer?


deb2015 Purchased

Its almost end of March 2018 and still no update to this since Feb 2016. Sad.


Vito227 Purchased

When will your next major update be available? Do you have a specific date?

I see an update on Envato for Feb 2018. Is there a change log posted somewhere?

will this work properly on php 5.6.30?

Hello, I’ve sent a couple support tickets and have not heard back. Please check.

I am interested in purchasing, I would like to know when the next Update will be released?


what happen with this timezone password? i still able to access the password with any words i typed… please help!!!!

ok still no answer

There’s a BIG security issue with this script. My staff can use ANY passwd they want to use to login.!!!!