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Can I stop the program keeps connecting to and ? This is really annoying.

Can I enter more letters in the field for Middle Initial (M.I.)? Where should I modify the code? Thank you.

is possible works with fingerprint?

Is this running on a Debian 9 System?

I need it for a school. Students will register their attendance when they arrive at school. They bring a barcode card and they will use it with a barcode reader connected to the computer with “Time Zone”. The reader should only read the bar code and the student’s attendance in the “Time Zone” should be recorded. Is it possible to do it this way? .

Buyer Beware… This is not supported apparently. I made the mistake of buying this piece of garbage. It doesn’t install on 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2 with all of my system checks a “GO”. It just errors out during the install. The db doesn’t get setup or anything. Just writes a broken config file. Congrats on another piece of trash code on CodeCanyon.

Dear Jennifer please let me know what is the procedure of customization.

how can we change the timezone of script?

Hello i am running into an issue with the hours, some employees forgot to clock-out and myself last year 2018. So now when i clock in it shows a lot of hours. I already try to edit the hours but it throw me an error to blank page. Please help!