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Now that its 2017, i have 3 employees that won’t show up and the system won’t allow them to clock in. I have the latest update – but im sure anyone who bought this in the past will be having the same problem.

Presale question. 1. Can admin send document to all user? 2. Can user\staf clock in and clock out in front without login?

i hope there will be departement system, so it can use for major company

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sorry for saying that

Possible to offer a “job” and let the Employees themself sign for it?

i have a xamp based webserver and i installed attendance system , i have 10 users registered to enter their attandance by login individually… issue is in sign in page accept any password and not giving error that password is wrong. like you enter user id & password gfjhgh its accept and entered to index page , the original password is 123456 but its accept every thing you type. please tell me how to solve. it should says that you entered wrong password and can not login.

a pre sales question, I am looking for time tracking system, a) where I would log in either on local pc or on the web and clock in my employees manually, put it what time they started and what time they will finish and also be able to pick a location where they will be working at, b) I may also want the employee to log in to the website and clock in and clock out also now at the end of week or anytime I like to run a report and how many hours each person worked per location, can your system handle that?

is there a wordpress version?

dear, the next update ? have you a date for your next update ? Thank you for your reply :)


Love the script…. Fast , simple yet fulfills all needs for employee time management !

I dont care about this issue , but I thought I would let you know. The simpleWeather.min.js file is generating error on line 2

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'results' of undefined
at Object.success (simpleWeather.min.js:2)
at j (jquery.min.js:2)
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (jquery.min.js:2)
at x (jquery.min.js:5)
at HTMLScriptElement.b.onload.b.onreadystatechange (jquery.min.js:5)

emus Purchased

I have a question, I purchased the script and I want to integrate a boot to notify on a slack channel about the schedule for the next 24 hours. OR to send notifications via SMS to the employees … can you help me with this ?

Or give me some details on how this could be done ( I have SMS gateway API purchased ) ... or if you can make it for me how much does it cost ?

Is it impossible to add night shifts to the system? For example, I’m trying to create an overnight shift that goes from 22:00 pm to 7:00 am the next day. I’m expecting the system calculates 9 worked hours.


Presale question, Can you prevent someone from clocking in early? Like if they have a schedule set, they cant clock in until that time.

Thanks WLC