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Can I use it for multiple days?

No, this is not possible. Timetable only supports 24 hours maximum, but you can place multiple Timetables one the same page if you want.

Is there another way to edit the events, I don’t want to use XML.

Yes there is. If you buy the Wordpress Plugin you will get a complete admin panel to manage timetables, locations and events.

Is Timetable responsive?

When the page loads, Timetable will scale automatically to the width of its parent element. When, however, the parent element’s width changes (due to the browser window being scaled for example), Timetable’s width will not scale live. It’s only until you refresh the page that Timetable will re-calculate its width and scale accordingly. Timetable is built this way to make it faster and more lightweight, while still retaining its functionality to work in any width.

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