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how i can configure it in subdoamin? and also at local host. i have error arse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘class’ (T_CLASS), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) or ‘{’ or ’$’ in D:\xampp\htdocs\attendance_new\public\index.php on line 50

Thanks for purchase.To configure it in subdomain you have to point project/public folder.To install this project on your local or live machine follow documentation

You are getting this error cause your PHP server version is lower than 5.5.9 To run this script need minimum PHP 5.5.9

this system support adicional intermediate break in out time record?

Thanks for your comment.Sorry i can’t understand about “adicional intermediate break”.Can you please make it understandable for me?

Hi, We have PHP 5.6.25 version and still getting syntax error, unexpected ‘class’ (T_CLASS), expecting identifier (T_STRING) or variable (T_VARIABLE) error.

Do you know all the extension required in php. We don’t find any reference to that in documentation.

Thanks, Earl

Thanks for purchase and comment.Please send me an email( with your server details,that i can understand actually what is the problem.Normally this error happens lack of php version,so don’t worry send me an email i will check

Hello! very interesting project. I was wondering if its easy to connect a fingerprint device to this system. would you be able to implement this feature as a custom job?

Thank for appreciate.I am interested to develop a system to interact with fingerprint.In fact I know the system,hiw to do this.for that first purchase fingerprint device,then provide me what types of file fingerprint device provide


rbslabs Purchased

when i try to install it returns back to same page

Thanks for purchase.Please email( me the url where you tried to install.


rbslabs Purchased

summary report shows incorrect total working hours

Please send me credential that i can check why this shows incorrect.And please let me know also what will be correct result.

I am interested in this… but i need android version is it possible please let me know

Thanks for your interest.Yes it is possible in android version,but for that i need to develop a custom version for you.

how can i contact you . email or skype

You can contact with me both on Skype (kingpabel),email (

Hi….. I have bio metric (Finger Print) device to record attendance & need to attach this software with it. Kindly confirm is it possible?

Yes it is possible to integrate with your bio metric

Awesome, i so interested on this apps.. but i check on admin still have some bugs, i cant logout in administrator. on the bottom page there is a caption “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.” please update, because i need this apps. :grin:

Hey,thanks for your screenshot and recorded video,you did a great job for me. May be your problem solved.Can you please check it?And let me know if you found this problem again.

Awesome support.. :) thanks for fix it, i will buy this soon, with this account or with my another account. Because here so difficult to deposit use credit card.

Thanks for your comment.I am waiting for you.

Hi I have a installation problem, so sent an email to you. can you please check and respond

Thanks for purchase and email me.I checked that and replied you.

Can you add clock in and clock out in front page beside log in system like this system?

Thanks for your comment.Yes it is possible,for this custom feature first purchase this script,then you can hire a developer or contact with me.

Are there plans or a way to add Geo-Location for the Punch-In / Punch-Out entry? It would be great to know the location of the employee so you know they are not punching from out of the office / workplace.

Thanks for your suggestion and comment.Right now there has no plan for geo-location,but i will consider it.For verify employees are puch rather offfice or home you can restrict them using ip address.This feature already exist.

Hi I have downloaded the script on configuration what is project url and how can i find it out please help me as soon as possible.

Thanks for purchase and comment.For project url,like you keep this project on public_html folder and this project folder name is attendance.So your project url will be

hello dear, can you solve my issue or no, i sent 4 email to you, if you can not solve it, refund my money thanks

I know you sent 4 message, didn’t I replied you?

You know what support response time is within one business day, and I replied you in right time.

Please check your email.

thanks for your reply

Hi kingpabel, I carelessly purchased the wrong version Timesheet Attendance Management System, I tried to use this on my wordpress site. But it seems like I am totally blur of it. My email is I already requested refund for this Timesheet Attendance Management System or can you help me change it to wordpress version?

Don’t worry, i accepted your refund request and now you can again purchase the wordpress version.

demo page shows page error 404 page not found. would like to demo, as I’m very interested in purchasing your script

Thanks for your inform.I just checked and solved the problem

Is there a way to change the dates for user’s work, instead of 7 days a week. for example M-F 8 hours, S-S 7 hours.

Sorry i can’t understand what you mean.

Is there a way to change the dates for user’s work, instead of 7 days a week. for example M-F 8 hours, S-S 7 hours.

Sorry i can’t understand what you mean.

Hi there, I am trying to install, however after submitting info, it returns back to the empty form and nothing happens, and when I try to visit the app url again, it redirects to the 505 error public url page, kindly check it at

Thanks for your purchase and comment.I am so sorry that i can’t reply you soon cause i was in vacation.I checked your provided url.May be you imputed a wrong database credential.Please check your server error log then you can understand or let me know what has your log then i will help you to solve the issue.

This is still not working for me, please help me install this asap

Please send me an email ( what exactly problem you are facing

Have you tested this with PHP 7 yet?

Yes i already tested this with PHP 7

Hi, after installation and registration for admin account, but cannot login using the registered account, need help please, thanks.

Please let me clear you question.After registration using username and password,you can’t login using that username and password?

If yes then send me your project url on my email