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Can Can I calculate my salary?

Thanks for your comment.You can’t calculate your salary depends on attendance.

Can i use it for multiple companies?

To use multiple companies,you have to purchase “Extended License”

Any plans to make the backend responsive, especially the users section? Thanx

Yes i have for this.

Hi, the Reports exporting buttons are using Flash. There is a newer version of the datatable library with html5 buttons – – do you intend to update the app?

Thanks for your information.Will try to implement this on next update.

Any updates when this will be mobile friendly (particularly the users section)?

You will mailed from codecanyon when i release the next update

Hello, After putting database info/Install page just refresh and nothing happens ? any clue ?

Please share your project url on this email (

Hi, can you create a system that will work with my fingerprint reader so people can clock in with it instead of pressing sign in button. The device exports and imports xls files.

To compatible with fingerprint reader,it will depends on fingerprint device,cause different fingerprint have different internal system.If you need to compatible any fingerprint device you can contact with me,i will help you

Yes please give me a list of compatible devices then i can buy one. So if i have the compatible fingerprint reader you can make your system use it as a sign in device?

Yes i can compatible fingerprint reader with this script.

Can I integrate the Biometric device? And how much for whole software? we are connected over Skype, but you are unreachable.

We already discussed on skype

hello dear i need to know is this system support ZKT 800 ? and if it support the device can i do from the admin panel to join any device?

dear you didnt answer for comments for long time so please i asked you to connect to ZKT 800 and iFace800 device and need the script to send sms please answer me

dear you didnt answer for comments for long time so please i asked you to connect to ZKT 800 and iFace800 device and need the script to send sms please answer me

Oh! I am really sorry for my delay, to get estimated price please send me an email [ ]

Hi, tried to email but got no replies….the details state “Table Timesheet Report With Save as PDF,CSV,XLS,PRINT,COPY” – there is only a “Print Option”. How do I enable csv? Thanks

hello i was purchased but can ‘t add diacritic. When start wrote some text and add some Á text or č š ť autodelete those sign or add some number like 123 456 it delete free space and i see it as 123456 .

We already discussed that in email.

Hello, I have some questions:

1. can I translate all panel words to another language, for example to spanish? 2. can I set to GMT-5 time zone? 3. Live chat is working? I can’t see it in live demo page. 4. is it possible to set more that 1 ip restriction? for example if a network is down and we have another network address, I need that this still working.

Thanks in advance.

Thanks for your interest and message. You can set any timezone on script. Right now there has option to set single ip for restriction. While you purchase the script, you will got the source code then you can develop your customize features like language change, more ip restriction and many others. Thanks for letting me know about live chat, very soon i will fix that issue.

I am interested into buy but I see Long time no update… that’s strange…

Thanks for your suggestion. We really appreciate those recommendation. We will try to reflect those recommendation on next update.

Should I wait for the next update or should I buy and run on my site till next update will not come?

Dear, actually we can’t give you any time-frame for next update. We will try to consider your recommendation for next update.