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Great idea! Is there a way to restrict that user will be able to “Clock In” or “Out” from a selected IP? so for example “worker” will be able to clock in only from the office and will not be able to do it from home

Thanks for inform,I have this plan.

I’m logged in as admin but nothing is displaying when I click on the “Attendance” in the dashboard.

If your server and wp configuration is that,it will definitely work.Please email me also your wp-admin credential,that i can test where is the problem.

You wouldn’t be able to access it, if I did. It is on an internal company intranet server.

I simply installed a new instance of Wordpress, downloaded the files from Envato, and uploaded the zipped folder into the proper location.

Can you please send me your zipped file so I can try yours if there was any corruption unique to Envato?

If you are doing like that,definitely it will work.I have the same file as envato.Please send me screen shot after click on “attendance”.

Hi there i have a few things to be asked before i buy this ,

1> Is the feature of not being able to login using external ip implemented? 2>In the admin report section is it a daily report or monthly report.? 3>In admin panel can he view the users currently punched-in ? 4>And lastly does it automatically punch-out if logged-out.?

Plz let me know , Thank you in advance .

ok forget the report generation just ip restriction and auto punchout on log out feature i need for now .plz tell me your price .lets come to a conclusion . I need it by this week end plz help me out. Thank you

and ill wait for you to convert the other application into a wordpress one . till then ill manage with this .

Thanks for you offer.Please send me an e-mail (

Pre-sale question: I would like to buy this plugin for our martial art school to track mostly student. Is it possible to make it that i has different classes and a student can log in only the day of his class. For example John has taekwondo classes on tuesday at 5pm and thursday at 6p. to check his attendance, he can only check in those days and hours only. Also at the front end, wouldn’t it better for a user to type in/or choose their name from a list and click punch in?

Thanks for your questions.There has no current system to restrict punch in /out for specific time,but has system to restrict ip. It wouldn’t better for a user to type in/or choose their name from a list and click punch in cause this way one student will punch using another students name.

i just purchased but no idea how to install

Thanks for purchase and comment.If you can’t install please follow this


or this video

Most people that are having an issue with nothing showing up on the page it is because your theme or the plugin option for the button is white. If you change in your css for the page (if your using visual composer click on the gear icon) and add

body .btn { color: green !important; }

.btn-success { color: red !important; }

Might I suggest that you fix this issue and the future issue you are going to have for those out there that are not coders by adding a settings tab to your back end to set button style and color for both the Punch In and Punch Out style. It really would be a nice touch to a very useful plugin. :)

Thanks for this kinds of solution for others.And for punch in/out button i provided few class,you can design those class as button.

That sounds great! We look forward to seeing it in an update.

Thank you

We have located another issue in the plugin. All the times for employees are in UTC… This is not our local time and makes it difficult to decipher when the clients have actually put in time. We would suggest pulling the time based on the WordPress time settings under Settings/General so that people can use their own time settings for convenience.

We also do not see a way to delete records as admin or export them to something such as a CSV for import into excel. These would be incredibly useful features.

Lastly you may also want to implement a sort feature by date so that people can see (and then export) just the records from a certain time period.

We love what you are doing, the concept is great. Continue adding these features and you will quickly have the number one time clock plugin available!!

We do apologize we did not notice the date picker already built in. Scratch that off of the list above.

It shows a time in and a time out, but it does not show the amount of time worked for that session. Can you add a field after the first 2 to show the total amount of time worked?

In fact honestly we should be able to select a time frame and it should give us a total for that period of time. This would be a great plugin if it had a total for the time worked, but as it is we are looking for another alternative.

Thanks for your recommendation.Right now i haven’t plan for your recommended requirement.But if you need any custom requirement for you then you can mail( me.

Great !! GLWS

Thank you

Hi kingpabel, why after I clicked punch in, the time start from 08:00:00 ?

At the dashboard site, the in time and out time are totally wrong can you please check for me ?

I have already email you about my website login detail and so on. Please test for me . Thank you very much !

Thanks for your email and comment.I got your mail and already reply your after solved your problem.

Woocommerce Bookings integration?

Sorry i can’t understand what you mean.What types of integration you are asking?

I was asking if this can be integrated or connected with Woocommerce or Woocommmerce bookings.

Actually this plugin have no conflict with woocommerce.It’s a alongside plugin,you can use it with any plugin.

can it be integrated to fingerprint scanner?

Yes,this application can be integrate with fingerprint.But for that have to modify system depends on fingerprint scanner

Is it possible to punch in and out with a barcode scanner?

It will be possible,but for this custom requirement it’s need to develop.For that first you have to purchase this script and then develop that portion by a developer or you can hire me for this requirement.


Congratulations on the plugin!

I want to know if it is possible to add breaks between login and logout times. For example: The employee enters the company at 09:00 (login); then he takes a break for lunch at 12:00 and returns to work at 13:00; then he pauses for coffee at 4:00 p.m. and returns to work at 4:30 p.m.; Finally, he leaves work at 18:00. In this way, it is necessary to make 6 records. Is it possible to create these custom schedules?

Thanks for comment and for your recommendation.First of all we will keep this on mind for next version.And for you answer is, yes it is possible.Please send me an email( ) with details and we will discuss about that on here.

hi pre sale question:,

1. i just to want to use it for sick leave is that possible? 2. and have different groups ex. truck driver groups, kitchen staff group 3. and these groups can only been seen by assigned administrator the specific group? 4. also sick leave employee can only see there own stuff?

warm regards B

Thanks for your interest and comment. In existing script, there have an option for holiday. So without any update, you can consider this for sick leave. Rest of the requirement have to be developed. After purchase the script, you will got the source code, in that time you can hire an developer to develop your custom requirement or you can hire me also.

Hello Pabel, in your Item Details you say “Timesheet report view and CSV export”, please can you tell me how can I export the report in CSV?. Thanks!

Thanks for your valuable query. Due to default flash disabled on recent browser, “Copy” “CSV” “Excel” “PDF” button aren’t showing. If you are using chrome, then click on the “View site information” icon on the left hand side of the URL, then click “always allow on thi site”, after that browser will reload the page and show you every button.

Great!, I did it and now i can see only the Export button, but for me is Ok, now I can export the report in csv format, thanks!

You are most welcome, it’s a great pleasure to help you.