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Can the height of the container change based on the height of the slide?

No. You can set the maximum slide height and leave the unused parts transparent, but the container height will not jump between slides.

How can I add flash or embed video?

You can put the embed code inside a <li /> (frame) just like you would embed it anywhere else.
One thing to note is that you should set the swf’s ‘wmode’ to ‘opaque’ to avoid it from being always on top. This is done differently depending on how you embed the swf. Example:
<param name="wmode" value="opaque" />
<embed wmode="opaque"......
Or with SWFobject
so.addParam("wmode", "opaque");

Can it be integrated on my WordPress site?

As it’s not a WordPress plugin, you’d have to manually edit the theme files. Mainly header.php to include jquery, the CSS and the plugin, and then put the image list on the page you’d want it to appear.

Instructions on editing the HTML are all in the package. You just have to be comfortable editing theme files and know that it won’t have a settings page in your WordPress admin area / automatically take images from your WP site.

Does Timeliner support jQuery no-conflict mode?

The plugin itself is noconflict ready. Just replace the ”$” with “jQuery” where you initiate the plugin, like so:


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