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How do I change the language?

Hi, I am sorry at this current version you can’t change the language

Thanks for your response – I already did it. ;)

Hi, cant find the “add media” – where can I add the pictures?

solved but timeline still dont work – set the shortcode on my site but just a empty site shows up. how can I fix this?

Hi how are you, I have WP 4.4 but doesnt seem like the plugin wants to work can you please help?!!!

Hi, thanks for your feedback. Could you provide some screenshots?

When I add the timeline shortcode to my page I get the following error message: Fatal error: Call to a member function format() on boolean in … /wp-content/plugins/timeline-photo-gallery/inc/functions.php on line 348

Here’s the URL if that helps:

Hi brooktown, when creating a new timeline did you put date format correctly? Could you provide some screenshots of your plugin setting page? Thank you.

Ahhhh … properly formatting the date did the trick, duh! Thanks for your prompt reply. :)

Photo’s don’t show. When I Add Media to the Photo Album , whatever photo’s I select, they are not added to the Photo Album.

Thanks, I know that. I haven’t create a new timeline (yet), because the first one doesn’t work as I had hoped for. Does this script run on WP 4.4.1 ? Just realized this script might only work on older WP versions, since last update was on July 2014!

Yes. this should work on latest WordPress version. The plugin has been tested on WP 4.4.1

Hi there, I can’t get the photos to load –

Is it possible to display only the year without the month and date on individual posts?

Hi, there is no picture in my gallery. Where is the /wp-content/plugins/timeline-photo-gallery/js/front.js?ver=4.4.2

front.js ist not in the download package from the PlugIn

Arif wrote: Hi, there is no front.js file. It was a bug in the inc/scripts.php file. You can remove the line calling that file on the scripts.php file.