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Hi not bad so far and the app looks nice

but i have some suggestions:

“Theory” is not possible to change. (Maybe remove this or expand this ? ) What if someone has “Practice” or something else.

Also the room number is numeric. Entering a room like “R112-A” or “B112/23” is not possible.

Did you program it the way that it is easy possible to make this app multilanguage ?

currently not sir thanks

if need some more details send requiredment

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Congratulations! Nice Work, Good Luck With Sale :)


fantastic work, i wish you big sales ;) !

thank you

Great work. Good luck


Hi, this is admob enabled?

How to change “Theory” to “Class”?

Any Alarm Facility Available in Each Period Ending Time?

Or Any Alarm Notification Available For Next Period in Home Screen?

Your App is very superb, Please give me clear detail, because i want to purchase your great app. Thank you.

Hi, give me your email id, i have few doubts in your app. or how to contact you directly? Please give details.

you can write doubts here..

hi, Are there alarms available reminder notifications ? Regards

Hello it is almost 3 weeks that you told me that you will fix the application bug but I see that you are a liar.

why you unnecessarily comment on my all product

I do not like liars !!!!!!!!!!


samir9 Purchased

thanks my bro but if add notfication i want this app

Yes i am not sure sir because I am not getting much sales so I hold on


samir9 Purchased

i think if add notfi with time class and add other things good for you my bro make ver2 good app but not have some things

I think about it thank you for your suggestions

I need some modifications ..