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I really like your HTML5 stuff, is there any way to see this game live?

Good luck with sales.

i added live demo,Soon the demo will be on line

I second FWDesign. A demo will be nice. Good luck with sales.

thx,i added demo,Soon the demo will be on line

hola, algún demo??

hello, some demo??

i added live demo,Soon the demo will be on line

This is a really fun shooter! Well done! only wish that it had a score board :P

thx,i will try add a score board

Hi there

Great game. Couple of questions:

1. Is there any way to add a music track to it?

2. How easy is it to covert to Android-ready app?

Thanks in advance,


1.easy to add track. 2.Android i not test…But Can use cocoonjs to covert the html5 game

Hi mate,

I like your game and just purchased it. I’d like to do some modifications on my own. Could you please send me the construct2 (.capx) game file asap? Please email is to me me at jennycodilan[at]gmail.com.

Thanks, Jen

Hi mate,

I still haven’t received the file or any response from you. I have sent you a PM as well.

Looking forward to your response and the game file soon.

Thanks, Jen

ok?my computer is crash?i will send to you as soon as

Hi mate,

Thanks for the response. Hope to get it soon as I’m reaching deadline for my project. I purchased from you before and hope you can already include the .capx file so to lessen this hassle of asking the game engine file every time someone buys your game.

Hope to get it soon.

Thanks, Jen

hi,sorry so late have send


I purchased this (very inspiring) item today and noticed that the Construct 2 .capx file isn’t included in the download (I have purchased some of your other items too and they do include them)

How can I get the .capx file for this item?

Many thanks,


hi ,give you email, i send to you

hi, so if i purchase this game you will send me the construct files with no extra charge right ? because i noticed some commenters didnt find it in the downloaded files