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Needs some intro stuff before gameplay starts. Menu / spot to show ad / spot to show a game sponsorship.

For people that are unaware of how the game is played, some ingame instructions would be helpful as well.

I assume using the same graphics as the iOS game could get you into some infringement problems as well.

The Flappy Bird creator has specifically said he won’t go after clones. I know of no such comment from the Timber creator.

How can I export this game for Android if it is a HTML5 game and not a project in Eclipse?

It’s very easy but you need a Personal License to export your projects to android or IOS (129$). Follow this link:

Really really good game ! Very exciting. I like it very much. GLWS !

Hello, I was interested in this game and I was looking for information and I saw the images “level” this game has levels of system?

I have no level image but the game will be more harder after you touch the hight score level. I mean we have level feature in this game.
Thank for your interesting :)


Aaron here.

I LOVE Your Games!

I am VERY Interested in making a purchase but I do have a few questions:

1. Can I use the game as is?

If so, can i rename it?

2. Can I edit the code?

3. How many levels is the game?

4. Is the game endless play?

5. Does the game automatically create new levels?

6. If a user completes the whole game does the game start over but harder?

What happens with the game if a user completes all the levels?

7. Can I hire you if I want any work done to the game?

8. Can you set up a custom score bar that follows custom score rules?

9. Can the game be converted to Android, iOS, Kindle etc…?

10. Has it ever been on any of the mobile markets?

If so, How did it do? How many downloads did it get?

11. Can the game be programmed to load faster?

12. Can the game screen be larger (no outside frame)?

13. Can the game be set to have 2 modes “Free Play” and “Paid Play”?

14. Can I pass User & Score Data to my Backend stats site?

15. Can the Construct Logo be replaced with my company logo?

Any help would be GREATLY Appreciated!

Hope to hear from you soon.

Thank You and God Bless!

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What you want I help?