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Am not that good with compiling the app and adding it to google play, will you support and provide documentations?

Hi, Sorry I only sell the code. I can’t upload the app for you

hello i bought the source code from you and i’m quite confused about changing the name of the app. my question is : do i need to change the com.neurondigital.nudge to same name i have choosen or i should let it like that without touching it?

but now i have problem, whenever i launch the app on my phone to test it or on genymotion virtual device, it stops directly , it tells me that the app unfortunately stopped

can you help me to fix that problem, i did exactly like the video and i did not mess with anything inside the code or anything i just dragged the icon in photoshop and then modify it and then save it with the same resolution, changed package name and added admob and that’s it.

there should be a runtime error or a problem during lunch time. It should be indicated in eclipse. Send me a copy of the error and I’ll do my best to help you :)

Great work, neat code, nice documentation & easy customization :)

Hei Before I Buy The Source I want To Ask You , Can I Reskin This Game Using Android Studio , If yes , importing it to Android Studio gonna be normal or I have to Edit Something First then Import It .

Thank You IN Advance .

Hi, The app has been built in eclipse. I have not tested the app in android studio, but it should work fine. Just import it.

Hi, I need help. I want to change: 1) Name of game (timber) with picture logo 2) How replace “play” button with image 3) How change background (blue and green) with picture.


1) Code is not included but you can replace the code in maingame.java line 752:
//draw title
            Rect Title_Paint_bounds = new Rect();
            Title_Paint.getTextBounds(getResources().getString(R.string.app_name), 0, getResources().getString(R.string.app_name).length(), Title_Paint_bounds);
            canvas.drawText(getResources().getString(R.string.app_name), (ScreenWidth() / 2) - (Title_Paint_bounds.width() / 2), (ScreenHeight() * 0.25f) + (Title_Paint_bounds.height() / 2), Title_stroke);
            canvas.drawText(getResources().getString(R.string.app_name), (ScreenWidth() / 2) - (Title_Paint_bounds.width() / 2), (ScreenHeight() * 0.25f) + (Title_Paint_bounds.height() / 2), Title_Paint);

2) In line 259 replace:
//play button
        btn_Play = new Button(getResources().getString(R.string.Play), ScreenWidth() / 15, FORTE, getResources().getColor(R.color.black), ScreenWidth() / 2, ScreenHeight() * 0.45f, this, false);
//play button
        btn_Play = new Button(new Sprite(BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.drawable.<Your image in drawables folder>), ScreenWidth() * 0.17f), ScreenWidth() / 2, ScreenHeight() * 0.45f, this, false);
3) background can’t be changed easily with an image. But the code that handles the background is in line 725 if you wish to modify it:
//draw background

Thank you.

Good if added push notification… If needed I can add for you push notifications.. skype me salbiz@live.com

Hi, apk for demo is out from dropbox. Can you sent to me?


Hi, Thanks for the notification. Re uploaded. Here’s a link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cjaor2usnj0i1mr/timber_v1.1.apk?dl=0

If this still being supported?

yea sure :) just put your question here or send via email and I’ll be more than happy to answer.

i just bought ur source code ? i need help ? whats ur email id

Thanks for your purchase! Feel free to email me through my profile page: http://codecanyon.net/user/neurondigital#contact

I am having trouble importing this to Android Studio. Any way you could make a video tutorial on that?

Hi, I found this to be very informative: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6SixOwb_2hE

Are you having an error somewhere specific?

I am using Android Studio 1.3.2. It is a little different then the video. When I select “Import project (Eclipse ADT, Gradle, etc)” and browse for the correct file it then asks if I want to create a project from existing sources or import project from external model if I choose the latter I have to find the location of either a gradle or maven. If I choose the first option, when the project opens in Android Studio it says I need to migrate to using the gradle build system. It gives me this link http://tools.android.com/tech-docs/new-build-system/migrating-from-eclipse-projects , which seems to me like android studio should automatically build a gradle when you import an eclipse project?

Hi, Yes when you import in Android studio from eclipse, it automatically generates the gradle files and builds using gradle.

Can Android 5.1.1 device run Android 4.0 software?

yea sure. it just cant run on devices with android lower than 4.0.

Hello, Author. Do you have iOS version?

Sorry, only have an Android version

Hey I am interested in buying this code :) But I just wanted to know if it it runs on android 5 and 6 . ?

Hey nice game :) thanks for it. By the way do I have to do a 100% reskin or is it okie if I dont change some ?

Its up to you. But I suggest changing a few things to make the game a bit different :)

Yep I understand :) Thanks once again :)

hi, I bought and I tried several times but I cannot success it. when I imported code, I can not remove red signs eventhoug I do what you say iin video(library…property..)

can you send me a screenshot of the error, please?

Hi are you still supporting this? Are you going to update? Thanks

Hi, sure this item is still supported. When I find some time I would update this app to support Android studio :) Currently, it takes a couple of minutes to convert it from eclipse to android studio.

Hi, I am interested to Buy. Could you please answer the following, 1) Is this project using any Game Engine or Framework. I see, Nudge Game Engine, but could not find any Engine. Could you please share the Nudge Game Engine website?

2 ) Is this App supported upto Android 7 Nougat as well? Thank you

Glad you are interested in this app too.

1) Like FlappBot,The app uses a framework I built along the years. Its called NUDGE. There is no dependency apart from android/java.

2) I tested it on a Samsung S7 edge as well. It worked fine. It should work well on Android 7. If not I will update it as soon I receive a report.

The NUDGE framework is part of the code. It’s just separated in another folder (package). I havn’t made a website for it. It shares the same license of the game.

Hello, is it still supported? Possible to import it in android studio? Can we put interstitial ads at every “game over”? Thank you

Hi, Yes this template is still supported. It was designed in Eclipse, but it can be imported into Android Studio. The template already has interstitial ads after every game over.

Aweaome work mate . Good luck

I hope to put a copy of Android Studio . I tried to import the file but there are errors I have never dealt with eclips and it shows a lot of errors. Please I want files for Android Studio so I can work RISKIN for the game

Hi, I will be converting this template to Android Studio soon.

hi , is there last versions ??

Not yet, however this template will be converted to Android Studio soon.

There are comments for you more than a year ago that says you will upgrade the version to Android Studio . Please tell me whether you will get it over the next few days or not. Thank you

Hi, I’m afraid you did not make the change correctly. I also gave you the wrong line of code by mistake.

Add the following to nudge/LeaderboardManager.java line 27
After adding the line, LogIn function should look like this:

    public void LogIn(final String google_Play_signed_in_error, final String google_Play_signed_in_successfully, final String[] leaderboard_ids) {
        if (App_id.length() > 0) {
            // create game helper with Game Api
            mHelper = new GameHelper(screen, GameHelper.CLIENT_GAMES);
            // enable Google Play debug logs

            GameHelperListener listener = new GameHelper.GameHelperListener() {
                public void onSignInSucceeded() {
                    // handle sign-in succeess
                    Toast.makeText(screen, google_Play_signed_in_successfully, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();

                    //upload locally saved scores
                    SingleScore hiscore = new SingleScore(screen);
                    for (int i = 0; i < leaderboard_ids.length; i++) {
                        Games.Leaderboards.submitScore(mHelper.getApiClient(), leaderboard_ids[i], hiscore.load_localscore_simple(leaderboard_ids[i]));


                public void onSignInFailed() {
                    // handle sign-in failure (e.g. show Sign In button)
                    Toast.makeText(screen, google_Play_signed_in_error, Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();


almodear Purchased

I apologize but can you help me with team viewer. I will not take much of your time

I’m afraid this is not included as part of the support.