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Hi gopsdepth,

Good luck with your sales. What is top score of it? Did you develop with Android Studio or Eclipse? and which android devices you have test it.


Hi okayra

Thank you for your interest. The top score is how many block that player can destroy.

This project is developed by Eclipse. You have to use Gradle plug-in also.

I tested it on Nexus5 and Samsung Galaxy Grand 2.

Thank you

Hi I could you send me the apk file for testing?!

Hi, aminika.

You can test the game by getting it on Google Play or get .apk on here

Thank you

Hi, Bugrayanik.

You can test the game by getting it on Google Play or get .apk on here

Thank you

Hello, I’ve recently purchased this and I’m currently following your quick start guide.

I’m currently at step #6 “build model” but I keep getting the following error: “The SDK directory ’\Applications\eclipse-android\sdk’ does not exist.

As I’m very new to this and only following the guide provided I am at a complete loss of how to continue.

Hope you can help,

Kind regards – Jason

Hi, jasonorme666.

You have to open “local.properties” with some text editor like Notepad and then you will see “sdk.dir=” and you just append your sdk directory path. If this’s not working, you could try to use ”\\” instead of ”\” such as C:\\your\\path\\sdk.

I hope this will help you. :)

Ah Ha! brilliant. thank you.

You are welcome. :)

Anyone knows why yourcloudeplayer is removed from codecanyon? google play store bane if we upload to play store? is that any issue with that source code? please help


Sorry, rambo_john. I have no idea about your problem.

Google play starts to check about some libraries are not compatible with their new policies. It may be cause. Im not sure.

iOs8 maybe? Are those your custom graphics?Looks great.

Hi, HonestApps

Thank you for your interest.

Sorry, this app is not support on iOS devices.

No, I use CC0 graphics except Actor animation and Bomb animation. I just design a layout.

Thank you.

No :-) . I meant can it be developed for iOS? I know it don’t support iOS as its Android. What are CC0 graphics? I asked did you drown the graphics,are they custom made or bought here on graphic river..? thx

Sorry for my mistakes. My english is not well so I may not understand some questions

I never develop on iOS but LibGDX library is a cross platform framework so it migth be possible to develop for iOS.

About graphic, I don’t create them but I buy at some marketplace. Some graphics have CC0 license so you may use them in your project.

Thank you


Im thinkng about purchasing this game and than putting it on the google play store. I would just like to ask if you could set it up for me once i purchase it. So basically if you could change all the things so the money generated from advertisements goes to my paypal. :D


Hi nisko2277,
Sorry, I can’t service you as you want but I can give you some advice. If you have a question, you can ask me by leaving any comments.

Thank you.

And how the whole advertisement system works.

This game is support Admob, Amazon Ads and Chartboost. these advertisement provider is very easy to use and free to register. You can generate a Ads banner in few steps and then copy and paste Ads ID into our config file. That’s all.

Hi, I just tested from the apk file, looks good. I was wondering if it’s possible:

- remove the music? - customize the sounds? - use only one specific Ads network? (example use just Chartboost and turn off the others)


Hi, impe83
Thank your for your interesting.

You can remove the music by just deleted the music file.

All sound effect is necessary but you can change them to yours with same filename.

About ads network, You can do anything. By setting in our configuration file, you set only ads ids that you want to use(Admob, Amazon, Chartboost).

Thank you.

HI, I m trying to add gradel plugin. but it gives error: Unable to read repository at http://dist.springsource.com/release/TOOLS/gradle/content.xml. Plz help, thanks.

Thank for purchase my product. I hope you will like it.

About problem, I’m not near my computer now. You might try below link while I find out a better solution.


I will resolve your problem asap. :)

thanks for ur quick reply, I really appreciate. Well, don’t bother, the problem is solved. I spent around 3 hours to solve it. In the last I found that my anti-virus was the culprit, I turned it off, and it worked :)

I glad to see your problem resolved.

Enjoy. ;)

Hi Planning to Buy this Product.

Have few quires as i am new to this.

1) Can i Use both admob and Chartboost banners together. is it allowed by google play Store? 2) Can you help me to Add an icon for Mute all sounds. .

Hi, jintsown

Thank you for interesting my product. ;)

1) There are 2 types of ads: Banner and Interstitial. You can set banner as Admob and interstitial as Chartboost but you cannot set Chartboost and Admob to be interstitial in the same time.
Google play store allow to use both of them. Ads banner position is proved by my demo app. :)

2) Sorry, I cannot help you to do that but I may add the button in next version.

HI, I m stuck at 8th point, in “quick start guide”. The project is not getting the libraries. plz help.

HI, faisalansari_285

I’m sorry for late reply. I’m on vacation and I cannot open my computer about your problem.
Actually, my code always forces to connect Google Play so it’s impossible to disable the leader board. However I’ve edit my code to disable the leader board feature now and I just upload as new version on Codecanyon. :)

ok. thanks. I’ll use updated code in the new version. thanks.

You are welcome. :)

Hello. Does this work in Android Studio or do I need Eclipse? Thanks.


This project is developed with Eclipse. It will be imported by Gradle so I’m not sure whether Android studio can use it or not.

Thank you

Will this work on the Amazon Store?

What changed in the new update that was released today?

Hi, StormFactory

I’ve added a Disable Google Play Leader Boardoard feature. You can disable a log-in page of Google Play by set value of “gg_app_id” to “000000000000”.

I just bought this app, and i’d like to know how to put the admob banner on the top of the screen always, because when you play the game you cant see it.

Hi, yoniduan

I’m sorry to reply lately and, again, I’m sorry to say that this project is not support full width of ads.

But you can try to change some code in {android-project}/src/net/theblacksmith/game/helper/AdmobAdsListener.java (Line: 40) like this.

// Initialize ads
adView = new AdView(act);
adView.setAdSize(AdSize.SMART_BANNER); // Change this line
adView.setAdListener(new AdListener() {

Good luck :)

One last thing: i didnt understand how to create a leaderboard… in the google play developer console i need to add some achievements and i do not see how its necessary. So, can you guide me step-by step how to add the leaderboard? its very important.

Thank you for your time :)

Hi, yoniduan

You have to create a Game service in Google Play Developer console. For completely creating the Game service, you have to input all necessary data for each menu.

1. Game Detail: Input all text and images. I usually use same description and images in deployment console.
2. Linked App: Input your package name and SHA1 of your android key. Easy way to find SHA1 is at last dialog when you create your APK in Eclipse.
3. Archievements: You need to create at least 5 achievements whether you use it or not. I don’t exactly know why Google forces us to create them. Description and Image are necessary to create one. For Timber Knight, I use same images because I don’t use them certainly.
4. Leaderboard: It’s optional in Game service but we need it :). For Timber Knight, You need to create 1 leader board setting title and score formatting to Integer. Ordering is Larger is better.
5. Testing: If you don’t have other colleagues, you don’t have to input additional email for your testing.
6. Publising: When you completely input all menu above, you can publish your Game service for your player in this menu. You should test your app before publish Game service.

Why gradle alert this Configuration on demand is an incubating feature.

FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

  • Where: Build file ‘C:\Users\predetor\Desktop\icon\Timber Knight\project\android\build.gradle’ line: 38
  • What went wrong: A problem occurred evaluating project ’:android’. > Could not expand ZIP ‘C:\Users\predetor\.gradle\caches\modules-2\files-2.1\com.badlogicgames.gdx\gdx-platform\1.2.0\df174562a62865158dee08b9b694ab152e548bf7\gdx-platform-1.2.0-natives-armeabi.jar’.
  • Try: Run with—stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with—info or—debug option to get more log output.


Total time: 2.491 secs Help me plz

i want import project for android code. not import gradle

Hi, teeranggool

I just sent you an email for fix your issue. You can import projects by using File > Import > General > Existing Project Into Workspace. With this import type, you will get both android and core projects in the same time.

Good luck :)

can Leaderboard be disabled ?