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Code looks great I have sent you a customization email

Are all the code written from scratch or are you using some game engine? It you use some which one? If you’re not using it, how is the rendering implemented, with OpenGL ES or some other way?

Hi, I’m using no external library apart from ADMOB for ads. All code and rendering is done in java using canvas

This is very well done 5 stars all the way.

Just have one question. Would it be very easy to replace the black dot with an image. I customized a game and the black dot really doesn’t go with the game at all. And that’s really the only bit that doesn’t seem to be able to be changed after going through the code quite a bit.

yes, it is customizable. I mean to a certain extent. you just need to replace the draw circle command with a draw image command, that you can copy from example the sound icons. remember to leave the image coordinates like in the circle.

ok i will give it a try, just didn’t want to break everything before i asked you. thanks

i added a little offset so it was positioned right with the draw image and it works great, thanks again

Awesome, very simple to customize I like it alot. Great Job…

Can the background image be change for every level?

yes it can be changed by just replacing the image in the project. It has to be the same in all levels. Else you need to do simple if statements to draw different backgrounds for different levels

i just tried to build a APK from the existing code, no changes whatsoever but when I install it, it just shows a blank screen.

What am i missing?

Just wondering, this app only works for Android version 4.0 and up? does it support lower versions?

It is supposed to work Android version 2.2 up. Please test the demo here: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.neurondigital.AntPop

Will do thanks. I will let you know if I still face any issue. Thanks for your help

HI, I am a newbie. Can I use this code in eclipse..??

Or can I get the code in form of eclipse project…??

This is an Android Eclipse project. You just need to import it into eclipse.

Nice code with detailed video and written documentation provided. Recommended.

Here’s a tamer reskinned version of the game.


Wow. That’s a great idea for a reskin. Glad you like it!

Hi, beatiful templates, i need two information:

- How can I enlarge the text of the description of the game and other writings that are very small, even tiny.

-how can I change the image of the holes.

you can send the instructions to my email: pieropile@gmail.com

For font:

Go to surface.java line 690 and increase the font size: menutext.setARGB(255, 222, 222, 222); menutext.setTextSize(fontpercent_screenheight(5));<-this number menutext.setAntiAlias(true);

To change hole image: the hole is not an image its being drawn as a circle in line 970. To draw an image instead replace:

canvas.drawCircle(holex.get(i), holey.get(i), (height * 0.08f), black); with:

canvas.drawBitmap(your_bitmap_image,holex.get(i), holey.get(i), null);

make sure to load the image in line 162: just add: your_bitmap_image= BitmapFactory.decodeResource(getResources(), R.drawable.<image name in drawable>);

the pixel size of image for the hole?

and, why don’t save the highscore?

Can you add post to Facebook , like in some of your other apps . Im considering purchasing it.

Sorry, this app doesn’t include that feature.

hello, How do I add music to certain action for example losing the game?

The game over is being called in surface.java line 778:
if (obstacle_points[obstacletype.get(i)] == -1) {
state = gameover;
To add sound just add:
    if (sound_beep != 0 && !sound_muted)
                sp.play(sound_beep, 1, 1, 0, 0, 0);
make sure to add a new sound or modify sound_beep from line 173.

this have interstial ad?

No, just banner ads