Discussion on Tile Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce

Discussion on Tile Measurement Price Calculator for WooCommerce

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Hello is it posible you plugin to be like this: for example this demo

Order by area and order by box option is what i need at a single place.

Hi. Our plugin doesn’t support price per area (m2), it only support price per quantity (box). In the cart page no display price per area (m2). Thank you!

Can you make IT for Us send me an offer on

Hi. We sent email for you. Please check your email to help me. Thank you!

Hello, presale question I want to get the pricing of the calculated area by putting the value in the input field as its shown in the plugin demo + i want to have a quantity field where my customer can simply buy the quantity by filling the number which depicts the number of boxes which will be sent to cart. Just like a normal quantity increment decrement in normal woocomerce product. Want to use these both at same place, one to calculate by area and other by box(just multiply the price of 1 box with the increment value) .


Thank you for your interested! Sorry, our plugin does not support the functionality you describe. However, we can customize the work for you for a fee. If you have any need, please get in touch with me via email


yomats Purchased


I would like to know one thing before we buy the plugin.

We sell 2 size tiles i.e 60×60 and 60×120cm in box. 60×60cm has 4 tiles in a box ( 1.44 sqm ) 60×120cm has 2 tiles in a box ( 1.44 sqm )

We donot sell loose tiles. So when customer inputs 1.3sqm, the calculator should display total quantity as 1 and the price should be reflected as per that. But if customer inputs 1.5sqm, the calculator should display the quantity as 2 box and the price should be reflected as per that.

We sell tiles per box but the customer have the quantity per sqm. So is it possible to have this setting in your plugin?

Currently, our plugin does not support this feature. However, we can custom work for you for a fee. If you agree, please describe it more clearly “Tiling Installation Cost” with the product or quantity tile.


yomats Purchased

That would be great. We want the customer to see the tile fixing cost as an option which can be selected during the buying process. Because they have the quantity available and with your calculator we can show them the price for installation as well. The price we quote is in per sqm.

I understand, please email me. I will send you a quote via your email.


I would like to buy this plugin but I have some questions:

Is it good for calculations on windows and doors?

For example: I want to calculate a window that has 100cm x 100cm + color + glass + mosquito net or other options?


Hi, Our plugin support insert length X width => calculate area and quantity => total price. But currently it is not support variable product. Thanks.

Does it work with variable products?

Hi. Currently, our plugin only supports simple product. It doesn’t support variable products. Thanks.

Thanks!! This work fine for me!!

I’m glad it was helpful to you!

Hello, these custom labels are not working can you please help?

Great. And can you also include the update for this fix too ?


Hi. I updated this issue, please download and check again. Thank you!

Presale question: Is it possible to enter the ‘Width’ and ‘Length’ instead of ‘Required area’


Hi, I fixed this issue on demo site. Please check again. Thanks!

Thanks. If you buy it, please request support from me via email. I will send you the latest version. Because I haven’t updated it to codecanyon yet.

Hii, We are looking for a functionality in which the user would select the quantity from the woocommerce shop page in the quantity I.e m2, but when the user would go to the checkout page, the quantity should automatically be adjusted to boxes. For example, we are working on a tile website, where the user adds the woocommerce quantity in m2, but we are selling tiles in per box. So let’s assume if 1 box of tile has 2 meter square of tiles. Now when the user selects the quantity on the woocommerce page as 3 meter square, then the quantity in checkout is changed to 2 boxes (I.e 4m2 of tile in total). Also can we use it on the variable product?

Hi. Our plugin does not support select quantity areas on the shop page. It only supports the insert area on the product page. And it only supports the simple product. We will consider updating this function later. Thank you for your suggestion!

Hi Just want to know that is this plugin will not override any css in the Product Page right.

Hi. Our plugin does not override css in the product page.

Will this plugin will overwrite any existing css or it will just simply create the Pricing Calculator in the Product Page

Hi Just wanted to ask will you provide assistance on Installing and setting up the plugin in my website

Hi. Our plugin provides a tool to calculate the area to the number of tiles. For example, a customer wants to buy 15m2 of 600×600 mm tiles. Our plugin will calculate the 42 quantity of tiles needed. Also, you can set the price by the number of tiles purchased by customers. Example: 5 item -> 10 item: 20$; 11 item to 20 item: 18$. Our plugin is easy to install and set. If you have trouble we will help you. If our plugin conflicts with other plugins, we will fix help you soon. Thank you!

Good stuff. Congratulations on the development. But the question is: I go to the product tile 600 by 600, the area of 1 tile is 0.36 – I put what I need – believes that 12 tiles. And 12 tiles is 4.32 – it turns out that it is wrong. It is necessary to count for more, not less. That is, there should be 4.68 square meters to cover 4.5 meters. If you fix it, I’ll buy it right away. Thanks. You are the first one who correctly understands how such goods are sold and how to sell them correctly.

The buyer writes that he needs 4.5 meters of tiles. And he gets 12 pieces for 4.32 meters. It’s not enough for him. So it is necessary to give out so that it is enough – that is, 13 tiles will close the task by 4.5 meters. And so he will buy 12, then he will not have enough tiles, buyers will be unhappy that he thinks incorrectly. It is better to take with a margin than with a shortage.

We will fix it soon. Thank you!

Hi. We fixed this issue. Please check again. Thank you!


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