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Youtube videos. Unknow error How many time to fix this?


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Creative commons I can publish? Can you send me image where I remove copyright my videos channel to post?


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Your support have many problems to answer the clients. How many days to answer?

I answered you for this problem. And i also finding solutions for this. You also can see all tool download youtube before on codecanyon removed.

The Tiger Post is not respecting the publishing schedule I am telling you to repeat the publication every 2 or 3 hours and is publishing every minute this has made facebook see me as spammer

PD: You deleted me from skype and I do not know why

You should using spintax to random content to avoid block by facebook. I can’t help you more for this issue. Facebook very smart. you need repost a long time more to can safe more. Thanks

I can not just FACEBOOK YOUR APP on your system.

I can not just FACEBOOK YOUR APP on your system. 1. https://goo.gl/bwFNXZ 2. https://goo.gl/vgzVM3

Okey, I will fixed on next version. FB just change API of them

Thanks for feedback

Hello, Youtube video paste does not work! Please help me

now youtube disable get video have copyright. So you just only can copy video not have copyright

Hello, I need a German language file!




There is a file to upload or? I would like to switch between the languages

you can upload more lanague with xx.xml

hello again please give me the german file! tiger poster has the function to upload a translation. but I can only if they tell me where I get the file from

HI The action attempted has been deemed abusive or is otherwise disallowed Facebook

You need change content. Facebook blocked your content is spam

Cron stopped working. It was working perfectly and now it does not work anymore. I did not change anything. I already sent you a message on Skype.

Hello you need config cronjob on your hosting again. follow by documentation to add it

Hello have the extended license but my code is only accepted for an installation! Please correct this ..


I just help you reset license :) You can install on new domain :)

Does it fetch group that are the created by user only or it can fetch groups which are joined by user

hi i have a issue file install “ioncube loaders” but use a cloud server..so ho to best particular to install ioncube loader?

“ioncube loader” i ready fix..but now “Configuration” page not load..still long time loading…

hello…i messenges you by skype still not respon


What your username on skype?


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I can´t make post with video not have copyright. I continuous with problem. I used My channel video. Send me one video with not have copyright for me make test now. I am waiting ok. Can you send for e-mail? and here too?

Do you have autopost in instagram?

sory in one script. Facebook and instagram

error issue at the Facebook Access Token (1) notification error “Bad Signature” after submit..please help.

Because you need verify account to to get correct token of you see this problem

I do not understand your answer..what should I do to resolve this issue..


you need get token again. And make on token you copy have acces_token.

Contact me via skypw tienpham1606. I will explain for you


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Enter the user ID and password Clicking on the get access token button does not work Is there anything else you need to set up?


Please contact me via skype tienpham1606. I will help you check it. thanks

i need my purshase code from vtcreator website. the web is down my username is robegland666 – paypal email nelitaram1221@openmailbox.org

Reset done :)


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How do I post to multiple groups without the message becoming spam? how to use multiple variables so that the message changes for each post made?


I also can’t help you for this. Because IG detect your FB account.