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I am adding Modules, how can I add them to the menu?

When does the new update come in?

Hello I want to buy Can you help me?

There will be no updates in recent future, so user can modify it completely.

Hi Team, We are facing below issues , my php version 5.4 below is the error kindly help me out Message: ini_set(): open_basedir restriction in effect. File(/files) is not within the allowed path(s): (D:/INETPUB/VHOSTS/\;C:\Windows\Temp\)

Please send me an screenshot at


I encountered this error during installation. The requested URL / install / install was not found on this server.

Could you tell me what I need to change in the .htaccess, or what I need to check, as a directory, to check the rights.


The problem when I add a new radio does not work on the site even though the server broadcast works properly Such Broadcast mp3 format

before purchasing i want to know about .can we edit and apply changers on existing web site in mealtime.?

Hi, I have the same problem that everyone has when installing it Http:// No input file specified. What I do not understand is that there are videos, html and pdf and there is always the same problem Could you help me ?

Solved !! Excellent, although the author does not support, worries about their customers !! I answered e-mail and it was an .htaccess file problem. I place 5 stars

Thank you very much

German Pace

Answered the email Excellent !! I put 5 stars although it does not support the theme!


I have the radios directory installed and when I click on “Radios” or “Radios Memory” it goes to another domain (Go to cms.php-....) I can not get it to mine.

Another question: Does anyone know how to put a “Add Radio” button?

This is all very difficult for me.

Thanks for the help.

Hi, Thank you very much. I have been able to put the buttons “radio” and “Memory Radio”, but I do not work the link “Add Radio”:

I also do not have the “search” button.

How can I put this?

Thank you very much for your help. Greetings,

Hi, want to purchase this, i tried to test demo, with admin as user and password, its not logging in ?

This is a great CMS and I’m wondering why there was no further development?

I am very interested to purchase and as a novice I can handle this CMS. I test the demo and it’s great.

My question is how would I add a section for comments to posts? There is no comments form. How would I add something like that.

My second question, how would I add a popup offer or video to specific pages?

Can someone help please.

I just need these questions answered and then I will purchase. I appreciate anyone who help answer my questions. Thanks.

UPDATE: I purchased the script today July 13th 2017. Since the developer had stated he will not support the script we decided we will make changes ourselves and update the script to our own liking. Considering it’s only $15, it’s a bargain compared to some of the other scripts on codecanyon which are rubbish. Her’s to your success!


gdel Purchased

I had installed the cms a long time ago and now there is a problem in crome do not ring the stations in the page of the same bone in the general page of the country if but if we go to the page of the station does not ring, how can it be solved? Thank you

I need htaccess.. for install and funcionate.. allways error


tvcash Purchased

Two issues…. Users can not sign up… Gets error….


When you click on forgot password,

the system is sending from your EMAIL “no-reply@live—” and Linking it to

ie “http://live—“

YOUR SERVER!!!! Hmmm… Yes, Below is correct: Step1: Upload to your host and unzip. Step2: Create mySQL Database and upload SQL.sql (From Database Folder). Step3: Goto File Manager and Copy Paste Database Information at ../function.php. Step4: Run your LiveTV Business with demo user: admin and pass: admin More: If still you failed to install pls contact us, we Offering FREE Install Service.

What is the fix?


Is this product still being developed and supported?

is this product still ready?, where is the demo?. thanks