Discussion on Ticky Helpdesk - Support Ticketing System & Knowledge base

Discussion on Ticky Helpdesk - Support Ticketing System & Knowledge base

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1, Do you have live chat and chatbot (preset question and answer option) also in this for website visitor?

2, Also do you have staff role access management, and department? and Ticket routing automation system? like work flow?

1 – A built-in live chat or chatbot is not available, but you can integrate a third-party solution for this purpose using JS code.
2 – There is a role-based access management system in place. While departments are not currently available, categories can be used for organization. Tickets can be assigned to available agents based on the number of open tickets they have, or can be automatically assigned to a specific agent or manually re-assigned as needed.

Best regards

Hi, I sent a support request, can you help me please?

hi, i replied your ticket, if still need any help feel free to open or reply the ticket

hello how can i disable the ticketing system. i want only the knowledge base part only.

Thank you

You can disable ticketing by adding this line to your /config/settings.php file
‘ticket_allowed’ => false

And disabled registration from Settings page
Best regards

Any plans to launch SaaS version?

No plan for now

Hi, it seems that demo doesn’t work. It shows me Plesk default page. Please fix it soon

Hi, we updated the demo link on item description.

hi,,i purchased kingposter but it’s removed.i there another option to download it?

hi, That item is no longer since about 3 years ago.

Hi there, I may need to get another license, and I do have a presale question please. Can Knowledge Base be disabled from the admin side? I just want to be able to use the ticket system only. Thank you, Cheers.

hi, Yes we added an option to disbale the frontend ( Knowledge Base )

Thank you for the response.

When should we expect a newer version to be released? Any estimated day/week/month

Will you be adding Dashboard and Statistics for the tickets?

No updates since last year?

Last update was on 14 October 2021 about 4 month ago.
We are working on version 2.0 that will be available very soon
Best regards

can we customise it, eg changing the main logo?

Yes you can change the logo and favicon from the settings page.

i see no report, and charts

are you planning to add authentication system using envanto api and check if they purshase a specific project?

Hi, Login via Envato API is already available, when a customer registered using the Envato login button you can list all items purchased from you on Envato

Hello, do you provide all JS source code to edit and adapt the code or is it minified ? It’s important to us before buying

Hi, all js and css are minified but we can send you unminified js and CSS files if you want to do a customization.

Hi, do you have support for webhooks? I would love to add a Pabbly or zapier webhook inside the helpdesk, so that it can notify me in other channels as well…

hi, webhooks is not yet supported we have a plan to add such a feature in future updates.

Hi, Pre-sale question. Is there a data export feature to export tickets in *.csv or other data format?

Also, when viewing the website on a mobile phone, I can see the ticket screen, but where has the menu choice to view the knowledge base gone?

It has disappeared off the top menu and is not in the hamburger (3 dot) menu..

Am I missing something?

Hi, Export Tickets option is not available in current version, however i added it to our To-Do list and will add it on the new update that will release very soon,
the knowledge base not shown on mobile issue has been fixed on the new update.

Hi I need help please. I have a saas solution and would like my customers to use their saas credentials to access tiky helpdesk. Is this possible ? and how can I accomplish this. ? thank you

Hi, you will need a custom work to accomplish that, if you have a Developer we can assist you with that.
We are available for freelance we can do a custom work for you.

Hi. Pre-sales question 1. Is it possible to print a specific ticket with all the fields? I tried to ctrl+P and the priority and department is not showing in there. A print button would help.

2. Is it possible to add new ticket form fields? I saw that was not possible 10 months ago but you have just updated it last month


Hi, 1 – Added you suggestion to our To-Do list will add it on new update
2 – Yes Tickets and also Users supports Custom field ( by adding your fields to the custom fields file )
On the new update you will also able to add custom fields just from the settings page

Thank you for your reply. Just purchased today ;)

My developer has added section in articles to attach documents. Similar to the one in Tickets. But it’s not coming on Frontend UI. Any advice?

hi, please open a ticket so we can assist you with that

System is auto assigning the tickets to random users and now allowing the admin to re-assign the tickets. When we will have this update? 6 months ago you replied that it’s in your to do list. But still it is as it is. What’s the plan

Not sure what you mean exactly by “not allowing”!
We added the option to re-assign ticket manually on the new update, the new update will be available next week as i mentioned.

Yes thank you, new update will resolve this issue.

is there any update released?


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