Discussion on Ticketrilla: Best Ticket System and Help Center for Your WordPress Products

Discussion on Ticketrilla: Best Ticket System and Help Center for Your WordPress Products

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I am looking for a ticket plugin which can deliver the following fuctionality:

1. Customer submits a complaint 2. The administrator accepts or rejects the complaint based on its relevance 3. After approving the complaint, the administrator should be able to edit it, to anonymize it and to hand it over to the jury (in a form of a downloadable pdf document for example) 4. The jury will make individual comments to the complaint and afterwards, a final statement will be issued. 5. The administrator will close the complaint with a positive or a negative statement.

In summary, here is a list of the things I need the plugin to be capable of: - creation of custom fields of the ticket - user groups with various authorizations to view the fields of the ticket - client based tickets - ticket anonymization - ticket exporting

Can you please tell me, if your plugin is capable of such functionality?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hello. Thank you for your attention to our product :-) Unfortunately, the functionality you want is not implemented in “Ticketrilla” plugin.

Hi, I have some presale questions before I decide to buy.

1. How are licenses created and sold to clients? Can licenses be set up as a subscription that a client will have to renew monthly or annually for support?

2. Are email notifications sent whenever a support request is made, replied to, or closed?

3. I work with a third-party organization to outsource work. The only way they will be able to respond to tickets is via email. They will not be able to log into the server to answer questions. Is there a solution to send the organization an email about a new ticket directed to them AND for them to reply to the ticket so that their response ends up into the system (Email Piping)?

4. Can I give clients access ask for certain types of support based on their license?

Your solution seems like it would be very convenient for me and my clients. If it can do the things listed, that’s great! I’ll buy. If it can’t, but there’s a way to configure it to do those things (if your company can, or if you can point me in the direction of anyone who can), then I’ll buy.

Eagerly awaiting your response!

Hello. Thank you for contact us :-) Let me answer each question in detail: 1. Physically, a licence is a record in a database that has a number of properties, one of which is the expiry date. You can configure the formation of this date as you wish. You can make a licence be valid for 1 day or 100 years. However, you should understand that license sales are not implemented in the product – it needs to be developed additionally. Although this task will not be difficult for a professional, all the necessary hooks are implemented

2. No, notifications are only made for Telegram now. Although, it is not difficult to implement notifications to email as well

3. Email piping is not implemented, but it’s not hard to do

4. Yes, but level management is done manually. The support agent sees the license type and may react differently to different licenses

We can fine tune the solution to your requirements. Please send a complete list of your requirements to

Thank you very much! I’ve emailed you a list.

Hello, Thank you for this extension which seems to me to be very impressive.

I take care of several websites for clients. So I installed Ticketrilla Server on my site, and Ticketrilla Client on another website.

However when configuring the client extension, I get the error message ‘Server is not configured’ when I add the server site link.

I have the impression that I may have made a mistake during the configuration of Ticketrilla Server. Is it possible to get help?

If everything works well, maybe I could also translate part of the extension into French if that helps you :)

Hello. Thank you for choosing us :-) We can help you with the setup, no problem. Please do the following: 1. Install Ticketrilla: Client on your server and connect to our support server, 2. Create a ticket. Attach a screenshot of the Ticketrilla: Server – General Options and Product Options settings to the ticket.

Further correspondence will be held there. This is both safe and convenient.

Hi, I manage websites for several customers, some customers have several sites.Can I use as maintenance support?

Hello, papet33. Thanks for you question. Yes, of course. You need to install Ticketrilla:Server (this item) plugin on your server. For each client’s website need to install the free Ticketrilla:Client plugin from Wordpress repository and connect it with your server. After that clients will be able to create requests for work. It will be very convenient for you – requests from different clients in one place! :-)

Hi, Thanks for the quick response Is it possible to customize the name on the client side ? Is it possible to have just the ticket function (remove, plug-in, theme… and not manage a license? Can we translate the plug-in?

thank you


Thank you for your interest in our product :-) Let me answer your questions:

- The customer can customize the displayed name, it’s not a problem. In addition, you will see the address of the site. At your request client can even give you guest access – this is very convenient for client (high level of security is preserved) and for you (no need to keep all clients site passwords

- No, you can’t choose a ticket subject yet. But you can specify it in the title or in the body of the ticket

- yes, but the translation is possible only by our clients. If you are able to translate plugin (especially Ticketrilla: Client) into your native language, let me know :-)

You can check out our demo sites:

- Ticketrilla: Server:

- Ticketrilla: Client:

Great day!)

Hi there,

We are a digital agency company that looks into improving our support system.

Just have few questions for you prior from buying it - Wondering if you plugin is compatible with Admin2020?

- Can we hide the setting tab for our customers and keep the ticket & announcements? we normally restrict many thing for them to play around in wordpress

- Is this a whitelabel plugin, which means to change everything to our company name instead of the customers see Ticketrilla?

- Is there more customization in terms on how we label the tickets? example waiting on customer reply or completed instead of close?

thank you

Hello. Thank you for your attention to our plugin :-) So, let’s answer in detail: 1. Admin2000. Now the integration is not implemented, but connecting Admin2000 will not be a problem. Am I right understanding that you want to get all your clients website statistics (visits, page views,different rates and other) from one dashboard on your server? If yes it can be done. 2. Hide individual elements – yes, this can be done without problems 3. Whitelabel is possible for cases when you use Ticketrilla only to support your customers’ sites. Under this condition we can change the Ticketrilla menu name to whatever is convenient for you 4. Ticket statuses for agents and customers are the same, but each side sees them differently for easy perception. You can add any other statuses if necessary. Currently the following statuses are implemented for tickets (status for agent / status for client): - Avaliable ticket / Pending - Waiting for agent’s response / Pending - Agent replied / Need attention - Close ticket / Close ticket

Any fine-tuning can be done separately, the terms and conditions are always negotiable. For convenience, you can install Ticketrilla: Client from the WordPress repository on your server and connect to our support server at

I have some individual questions. How can I open a support ticket?

Hi and thanks a lot.

I could now install both plugins on the same site and also set a new client. But when I log in with the client, in the dashboard I cannot see anything about ticketrella and so I cannot open a new ticket… do you know why?

Thank you very much, Matt

Hi Mat. In Ticketrilla:Client you should have a preset to connect to our technical support server. Connect to it and our technical support will help you. Screenshot:

Thank you. I will do it now.

Hi, great plugin i need a support ticketing system in order to accept my users requests. I would like to hava a login, sign-up function, and the user be able to create a ticket and only me and he can access it. Now pls answer the follow questions:

1. Can i use it with just username and password?

2. When user logged in can I have my custom fields that user must proceed on order to create tickets? I have the ability to add my own field’s

3. Is whitelabel?

4. how I add It to my site? It has a shortcode?

5. I can access it in a specific url?

6. Can I add it in any page I want?

7. I have sign up and login function without need extra plugin? If i need extra plugin i can use buddypress and it will be ok automatically?


Someone to respond pls

Hi. I’m sorry that I didn’t answer right away. I hope that Tiketrilla will be an indispensable assistant for you :) 1. Almost. A user can connect with an internal standard license, which can be generated automatically when a user is created. If a user registers himself, the license in his plugin is filled in automatically. If you give him a login and a password, you also need to give him a token (you just copy all the necessary things and send it to the client). 2. Not yet, but it is planned to be developed. 3) No. The design is standard 4. No. Tiketrilla works differently from conventional systems – it connects the developer and the client directly through the admin panels of their sites. You do not need to insert anything on your site – just install a plugin and give the address of this site to customers or create a preset and place it in your product to connect the client for a couple of clicks. 5. You can as a client enter the admin of the developer site under your login and password and see all the tickets. But it is more convenient for the client to work from the admin panel of his site. 6. No. All work is done in the admin panel. But we can perform modification and display any information on any page. 7. The client must register under a certain role. You can register it by any external means, if you provide the role assignment.

You can see everything through the eyes of a developer on a demo server: And work through the client plugin here:

Hello Dear, im interested in your plugin, i have presale question, 1)we want to give support(after sale) for just product which has been bought. means; when customer order products after checkout, there will be just 1 ticket system open for that product,and customer cant open other ticket. 2)any time admin can close the ticket and user cant reopen it.

please let me know if there is such possibility in your plugin.

Thanks and regards, Gabriel

Hello Gabriel. Sorry for the long time for answer – just now I saw your request. I will reply to it tomorrow morning. If you give me the address of your website where I can see your product and try to present the process you have described, it will be very helpful. Thank you for your patience.

Daniil Ticketrilla_team

Hello, Gabriel. Tiketrilla allows you to do all this with small modifications. But Tiketrilla consists of two parts – developer plugin and client plugin. If I understand correctly, you need to open the ticket on the developer’s website (for example, in the personal client account on your website). In this case Tiketrilla is not the best option. Such functionality is possible, but additional work is required. If I am wrong then write to me at and send me links to resources. And then we will be able to help you :)

Updating anytime soon? Thanks

We want to release the update in early fall. If you say me what you like to see in the update then we can to make it. Thanks

hi can Ticketrilla also be implemented in frontpage – and not allowing clients into admin area?

Hello. Yes, Ticketrilla can it but your request need a small completion. Tickets is keeping in database and you can to get to access for it. Also Ticketrilla have open hooks and it can help to make addons for new functionality.

Hi, just purchased your product yesterday, trying to install it but I keep getting “You need to login” everytime (although I am logged in) Just like user above @andypaddock . I tried to contact you, no avail -> is the link pointed to by the item support here on codecanyon – and the gives me no opportunity at all to log a ticket. Can you elaborate or refund please?

Hi Kurosato. You need to install “Ticketrilla: Client” and connect to for send a ticket. Create ticket please and I see what I can to help you. P.S. Perhaps you have a plugin installed that blocks the REST API.

Have this and seem to get one step closer and the system continually tells me I need to login, after I login 3 times. This would not be good for my customers. I would use the support link but it doesn’t currently work.

Hello Andy. Can you connect for our support server on and create ticket? Do you have public REST API or you closed it?

Option to have whitelabel?

Hi. Possibly I did not understand the question. Do you mean whether there are black and white lists of sites for licenses? If this question then there lists are such

Yes, we can it

This looks extremely handy!

Bought two. Left a 5 star review with one and tried to with the other but it was already set at 5 stars. If I buy multiple times, am I only allowed one review by envato?

Hello) Thank you for your choice. Hope our product will fully meet your expectations :) Unfortunately, from one account you can leave only one review for one product.

Glad to be Sale #1!

Victor, I’m glad to hear that everything works for you. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions :)

Do you do customizations and if so where can I send you an email?

Victor, please contact us through the form at Envato or create a ticket in Ticketrilla (the address of the support server is We will see what we can doing for you.

Nice flexible product for support! Don’t miss it guys, it permits you to make your own support dashboard just in a few clicks!
Good luck Ticketrilla_team!


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