Ticketic - Simple ticketsystem

Ticketic - Simple ticketsystem

  • Guests are able to create tickets
  • Lookup the current ticket status or append something to the ticket
  • You’re always able to close the ticket – for example when somethings has finished before receiving the answer of the supporter
  • Supporters can follow open, closed and awaiting tickets on the admin dashboard easily
  • To submit a ticket you’ve got to fill out the captcha
  • Email notifications are also ready! Don’t miss any update on your ticket
  • Created with bootstrap – awesome design and responsibility!
  • EliteBase: A powerful php base for the ticket system
  • Sweet-Alert: Check out this awesome alerts!
  • Fully AJAX: Reloading pages was yesterday! We’re working asynchronously

Update 12.12.2014

  • [COMPLETED] – Authentication improved: Now you’re able to logout as supporter
  • [COMPLETED] – The admin dashboard is now completely hidden until you authenticate with your support code
  • [COMPLETED] – Added sweet-alerts to ticketic
  • [COMPLETED] – Re-designed a lot and changed also some colors to match better

Update 14.11.2014

  • [COMPLETED] – Fixed a bug which allowed creating tickets with empty form fields
  • [COMPLETED] – Added a tabbar in the support center to switch fast from new tickets, to waiting for answer tickets and to completed tickets
  • [COMPLETED] – Added beautiful blue message bubbles when looking up for a ticket as answer
  • [COMPLETED] – Modified a lot on the template and on the design

Update 10.11.2014

  • [COMPLETED] – Fixed a bug which submits a ticket-answer as supporter when logged in support center
  • [COMPLETED] – Fixed the time display. Now it works perfect!

Update – 04.11.2014

  • [COMPLETED] – Email notifications
  • [COMPLETED] – Protection against empty submitted fields
  • [COMPLETED] – Fixed a bug that sometimes tickets have been submitted more than once
  • [COMPLETED] – Added a panel to the support-center and also an overflow (scrollbar) to the box. Looks nice as ice now!