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when will sports booking be ready?

Good luck with selling! :)


Nice app,

1) Can i host this application in shred hosting (Godaddy economy hosting)?

2) Do we need extra software for CodeIgniter framework?

3)Is it possible to host in localhost(in my local web server)?

please confirm these to help me to buy & use immediately

Thanks in advance, Prasanth


envatosupp Author Team

Yes, it is possible and no additional software is required for CodeIgniter

Can i host this application in shred hosting (Godaddy economy hosting)?

love this script and would have love to consider buying but PayPal don’t works in my country and stripe also. Only if you can consider add 2checkout payment method because it works globally, offline payment method (bank trasfer) in system wallet. giving users e-wallet so they can credit it and book would be easier and faster or GtPay. this are payment method that works here most.

okay if you are ready to buy we are ok to implement two offline payment options for you.

1. Cash 2. Wallet

nice concept, is this script support all around the world or just India? lets say you are in London, want to see movies , so you are going to this website and find near by theater , what movie and showing and ticket available etc, and you are in usa want to see movie and check website and see what movies showing near by etc. there there are multiple hall in one theater and they have different movies showing etc , Id this script work like that? Thanks

Yes you can customize and use it accordingly

do you have any plan to make add on for that i mentions . or you will charge for that? Thanks

if you need the updates to be done urgently you have to contact our sales team for getting the customization quote and then proceed.

Please put a mail to info@techware.co.in with your req sepc

Admin-Panel redirects always to your server!

Nice approach, but far far away from usable! A lot of work had to be done!

Thanks, we are ready to work hard

is it possible to create an unlimited custom seat layout (number and style)? i don’t see it on the demo

is there a function to avoid coalition on seat ordering? lets say a customer is booking a seat but not paid yet, so that seat will be marked/coloured as temporally booked, after some seconds or minutes, the mark will be cleared as avalaible again if no payment made.

At present we haven’t done it as detailed features. If you need us to do please contact our sales team at info@techware.co.in to get the customization quote and then proceed

how can book movie without movie api and how can but api plz help

There is no API’s integrated but we can implement API’s as customization. Contact info@techware.co.in

i dont c the option to setup authorize.net on admin panel.,. when i download will it be there… or the system doest support..?,

We have done only PayPal right now. Please contact info@techware.co.in for more payment gateway integration.

When will u finish all function? Do you development for mobile app also?

The movie ticket booking will be only done and the other feature will take some time. The mobile APP is not in pipeline please contact info@techware.co.in if you need URGENT

Pre Sales Query—does it support PVR apis… i mean after purchasing this APP how do we get connected to PVR INOX etc etc

This doesn’t come with default API’s integrated. Please go for customization request to fetch the data from API’s. Email: info@techware.co.in

Admin-Panel redirects always to your server! Nice approach, but far far away from usable! A lot of work had to be done!

I have Pre-qz. I am planning to buy this script. Please confirm asap- 1) Does this system support offline payment: Cash or other? 2) Can we setup Seats No./ raw arrangement from Admin as I did not find in admin ? 3) Does this support SMS notification for confirmation t? 4) Does this support BarCode/QR code in booking voucher/invoice? Please let me know as I need to buy this urgently.



envatosupp Author Team

1.No.But we can do it as a part of an additional customization 2.yes. 3.No.But we can do it as a part of an additional customization 4.yes. If you have any further queries please send mail to mail@support.in.Also please post your ticket number here.

Sir I believe that your website/script is hacked and unsafe to use. Demo shows only picture attached below: We need to see the demo and to know some informations about safety of this product, before we can buy it.

Regards Patryk Kloz


envatosupp Author Team

It has been solved and there is no such issue now.There is no safety risk in our site.

If you can tell us – what was the problem then? Why your website/script was hacked? We would like to buy your solution, but we need to publish it with some safety warranty.


envatosupp Author Team

It was the hosting server that has been hacked and not our site.Our site doesn’t have any safety risks.

Installer not finishing installation at all. Can you check why? I just bought it to use for urgent purpose


envatosupp Author Team

We have replied to your ticket.

Do you have any scripts like eventbrite and explara. Please mail me if you have. sadhinofficial@gmail.com

envatosupp Author Team

We have already discussed on implementing such a product. Our development team will soon start working on it.

Hello, I have bought the product and rated for 5 stars. How can I schedule the installation service from you?


envatosupp Author Team

The sign in button is there on the top right corner.

Hello, please help with the installation. The ticket number is #2457. Thank you.

We have replied to your ticket.

dear i am interested script but not able to have demo properly… kindly do the needful… thanks

The demo is available in the Envato. Please let us know the issues you are facing with the demo.

Dear Mate.. till demo is working very slow…..

Please try again. We checked and found no issues.

Purchased app is not working and awaiting for the email response. Kindly assist. Thank You.


envatosupp Author Team

Please post your ticket number here so that we could solve the issue with high priority.

Ticket no 2844. Thanks.


envatosupp Author Team

Our support team will be helping you to sort the issue.

I have bought the script and i did setup at my local server.After setup i have tried to see movie booking function but it is not working somehow..

Please let me know how to setup show timings. When i am going to “Add Show Details” form, its opening in popup. But its not saving information in the database. Can you please confirm if there is any update going on?

I would request you to please let me know how “Add Show Details” form will work. It seems that there is some issue in this form.


envatosupp Author Team

Our support team has replied to your ticket.