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Nice looking game,

1. Do we need android studio to upload this to googleplay, or can we use still eclipse, because i read somewhere that google is only supporting android studio? is that correct.

Thank you

You can use still Eclipse

Nice works. GLWS.

how does two player works? same person will place the dots twice?

Two persons make touch one by one. Multiplayer means that two players play on one phone.

Is there an option for easy, medium, hard? I watched the videos and you won easily ;)

There is no such option

yes i too find it much easy sometimes. would love some hard levels. can it be programmed?

thx you nice app i send you email plz check

no support ? can send project without admob banner ?

You can disable admob yourself. See README in purchased archive, there are steps how to do this.

please add difficulty (easy, medium, hard) in this game. because I see in the video is very easy to win

Integrate with admob ? I can edit in eclipse ?

hi bro I want to put When you open the game open adMob_interstitial What is the code admob interstitial Do you help put the code?

write line – add_admob_interstitial(); after all in function – onCreate()

under any function exactly ?

Good luck for sells.

Dear Seller,

I am new on Evanto. Could you please let me know what exactly should I change in this application to be able to upload it to Google Play?

Another question. How to make this app available for network users with users rates and so on? What technologies I have to use?

Thank you

i have the same questions

Hi, I ‘m new, could you guide me step by step to upload this app to google play. I already registered google developer account, installed Eclipse and SDK

No support?

I got 116 errors in Android Studio. Please help!

can it be used with android studio? How to change the buttons colours ?

I am receiving 116 errors as well. What should I do to cancel them ?

Now the source can be edited in Android Studio

Hi, What can we do about game AI? it is very easy to beat comp.. I need advice, what we need put inside for better AI? Thanks

It’s hard to say. Now computer find random any empty cell to go. You can try to add logic to get optimal empty cell.


Why you don’t read documentation? Java files are here – TicTacToe\app\src\main\java\com\oldenweb\TicTacToe\

Hi, i want to add facebook sdk in tic tac toe

Hi, Package ID, do i need to change in both the places androidmanifest.xml and build.gradle (applicationId) ?


“Set up AdMob ID” , updating just banner_id and interstitial_id is fine (in strings.xml)? or do we need to update Admob app_id? i did not find any place to update admob app_id

i think i can release with same assets right? with minor changes

I am getting Admob Test Ids (if test = true) but if test = false i am not getting real ads. Is there anything that i have to do. (Admob Unit Ids are correct)

To show real admob you need: “show_admob = true” and “admob_test = false”