Tic Tac Toe Android Game with Admob

Tic Tac Toe Android Game with Admob

Its mainly a childhood game. So this game will remind user of his childhood memories. Its mainly played between two players. There are two symbols: Circle and Cross. Each player use one symbol. There are a square number of boxes in a grid. Each player put his symbol in either one of the remaining boxes. The player who can first match his symbol horizontally, vertically or diagonally wins the match. If no matching is possible then the game is tied.

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  • AdMob Banner integrated
  • AdMob Interstitial integrated
  • Splash Screen
  • Playing with Friend(Offline Playing)
  • Playing against Computer(Intermediate Mode)
  • Playing against Computer(Unbeatable Mode)
  • Alert for Win/Lost/Tie
  • Upcoming Features

  • AdMob Integration
  • Multiplayer Mode(Online)
  • Win/Lost/Tie Count per Session
  • Eye-catching UI
  • Game Animation
  • Change Log

    Version 1.0
         Initial Release - 30.11.2017
    Version 1.1
         Update Release - 31.11.2017
         1. Playing against Computer(Unbeatable Mode) added
         2. More Organized Code