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Facing Problem in installation. Sent you mail. Please Chek and Replay me

Have not received your reply to the mail sent by me.

Before buy This I want to ask some question. Is there any option to publish the result latar to student ? I need this

Yes, the product can be customized to work the way you wish to publish the result.

ok sir, Now tell me that what is procedure to take this facility and what will be the cost after customized

Kindly drop me mail at info@textusintentio.com and I’ll revert back on the same mail

how can i insert audio file into question ?

Sorry Audio files are not supported in the current version.


mkkhan Purchased

hi i am trying to delete old data but its not working


mkkhan Purchased

Hi my i found old issue solution, i have one question
  • How do i use a question collection to multiple subject. i tried to set it from database in s_id (subject id) 1,2,3 but its not working, please help me
  • I did not understand your question: Question collection to multiple subject? Do you wish to use question bank of one subject with other subject?

    While creating Exam you see all the subjects associated with that category—>sub-category. You can select any or all subjects along with the number of questions to be used from each of them respectively.


    mkkhan Purchased

    issue resolved on chat, thanks

    I am very much interested in buying your product.
    I have some queries-
    1. I have a education based website. Is it possible for my users to take test from my website? If yes, how do I link your product to my website?
    2. For a particular category is it possible to display top 10 scorers?
    3. Is it possible to import quiz questions from Excel csv?
    4. Is there time limit in the test?
    5. is there option for users to register themselves?
    6. Is there option for users to print test result?

    Hello, Thank you for your interest. Sorry for a delayed reply as I was on a holiday. 1. Yes, it is possible for the users to take test from your website. You can put up a link on the website. 2. This needs to be customized. 3. Yes, it possible to use excel to import questions. 4. Yes, the exam duration is must to have an exam. 5. No, external Registration is not possible via script. Can be customized. 6. No, Test result cannot be printed.

    I have one more queries-
    1. Is this product system independent? I mean if in future suppose you decided to discontinue this product what will happen? Will we, the buyers, be able to use your product?
    2. I am not able to login in your system. I tried all the options given below but was unable to login:
    Admin: Email id: admin@demo.com password: demo123!
    Center: Email id: center@demo.com password: demo123!
    Student:Email id: student@demo.com password: demo123!

    Yes, You can use the product even if I discontinue it.

    I rechecked all log ins and each of them is working fine. Please check again.

    Hi There, any planned updates/new features..? i would be glad to know if any.

    Yes Vinayak, we are planing to bring up a new update. Still not sure when and what all features. Will post an update when it is finalized.

    Hello sir. Going through the live demo, I discovered that I couldn’t add a new center.The system popped up a message that “email already exist”. Of which there is nothing like that mail used aiidy in the system or for center. Please check it and comment on this,as I do not want any bugs after purchase.

    I tested the same on demo and see the issue. I’ll have to look in to the code as this error was not there earlier.

    Hello my friend, I have purchased this script today and here’s my simple request. When the student is doing practice test, would it be possible for the student to put the number of question they want to take. Of course, it should not be more than the number of questions inside the exam. Also, during practice test, if they already answered the question correctly, it will not going to show again when they re-do the pratice test. Till they answer all correctly, the system will ask again if they want to reset and take all questions again. I think this is the logic of practice test.

    This would be a customized requirement as of now. I’ll try keep this as a suggestion for feature enhancement.

    Ok, will there be any updates in future?

    Yes, I plan to have an update.

    hi i wanna buy this project, plz another method of pay. skills doesnt work for me plz

    Hello, Currently our script does not support any payment method.

    I have two queries. 1. How to upload questions from excel sheet. 2. How to increase number of options on a question for a particular category, by default It is 4. For SSC exam there are only 4 options but in case of BANKS exam options are 5. Please tell me how to do it.

    Please read the document to help you with excel upload. As of now number of options are fixed to 4 and are not configurable

    Hi textusintentio team

    Can you please explain about the security features in this online examination system ?

    because i am concerned about security

    What security features are you looking for?

    Hi textusintentio team, Can you customize center profile menu ? i wanna select an examen and view the list of students who gave the exam and view the result from them. i’ll pay for it. Please reply me

    Kindly send a detailed requirement mail to info@textusintentio.com

    hi check your email plz sir

    Hi textusintentio team, How to add course syllabus text lessons for students

    Can you please explain the exact scenario. I can’t understand what needs to be done.

    i cant take exam as a student.. whats wrong just keeps saying please wait

    Student Batch time should sync with the server time for a student to take up the exam. Also, check if the exam is assigned to the center to which student is enrolled.

    Warning: mcrypt_decrypt(): Key of size 0 not supported by this algorithm. Only keys of sizes 16, 24 or 32 supported in C:\xampp\htdocs\OESV2-withMySQLi\student\include\function.php on line 77

    Kindly upload the script to server and send me CPanel details on info@textusintentio.com

    Equation is not working. I added an equation and in front end it shows like (x = {-b pm sqrt{b^2-4} over 2a}) instead of mathematical equation

    Did you use the mathjax tab for writing this equation?