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Nice Looking effect :) but i can’t see the arrows to switch the thumbnail it doesn’t shows up?

Oh, does the preview image confusing? There are no any arrows, just pass the mouse cursor other the thumbs and the thumbnail block will change its images to show you what is inside.

It doesn’t work under FF 4 .0.1, I see just loading image. Tested under Chrome worked like a charm . Anyway looks good :)

Thank you so much! The update is waiting to be reviewed and accepted.

Working on a WordPress project where I’m implementing this. So far, so good! I’ll let you know when I’m done, but this file is AWESOME !



Just awesome.. one small glitch though, with portrait photos, the lower curved corners are not respected so they appear with sharp edges ruining the skimmer. With landscape photos it works flawlessly.

Could please guide me to a CSS or even a JS fix that would eliminate the problem with portrait image?

Appreciate it,,

I would love to buy this – any way to make it so you can make it an option so you can click on the thumbnail skipper and it will go to the next image.

Example: it’s basically the same thing as the skimmer is now, but in order to go to the next image you have to click instead of hovering. Please, I would pay you to make this an option. Maybe like transitionType: click, hover

Is this a wordpress plugin? if not do you a plan for wordpress plugin of it?


It doesn’t work under IE7 and IE8, I see just loading image. Can you take a look please.

not working with jquery 1.9.1 (actual one these days).

GoodLuck for sales!! i like it.