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Live demo please. Thanks.

I have put up a quick demo you can find it here

Oooer page wont display says they are checking malicious content

I am disappointed in this, I see some working demos but I have no luck getting mine to work.. I contacted the writer and I may have missed the email but so far I have not seen one about getting help..

Sorry I may have missed your email. But you can email me any questions you have about getting it setup we’ll se what can be done to get it all working correctly.

Works fine here, great work!

Altough, I have one question: When defing maximum width and maximum height, it only seems to calculate based on the width of an image.

Ex: $thumbCreator->createThumbnail($targetFile, $generated, 1000, 120);

I want all images higher then 120px reduced to 120px height.

Can this be fixed?

Never mind… fixed it myself :)

Please help me, i’m try.. but blank

I’m looking into it now and will get you some information or an updated build in a short time. Thanks.

The example is working. It did not show anything and just creates the new thumbnails in the same folder. I’ve updated the example to include status updates as well as links to the files created. It will be included in the next version after it goes through reviews.

However, I’ve also uploaded just the updated SimpleExample.php to my OneDrive which you can get from here.!AvqGaw4okguYkhiZ4uDAUFNPtX_L


OK. Thanks!