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Cool slider. Not real cool putting your own little bit of advertising on it though!! I wouldn’t expect to see a link to the owners site on something that I have paid for. I’ve deleted your link and now it’s a pretty decent slider!


The only way that I can see to ‘remove’ the link to your site is to actually set the div as display:none as the js code that renders the link is encrypted. This all seems pretty dodgy to me. I’m very surprised that codecanyon has allowed this. Also, every div has the class ‘www_FlowSlider_com’ added to it which makes things extremely hard to view in firebug. This class also appears to be added via the encrypted javascript.

Sorry to bag the crap out of it but it needs to be fixed.

Wow. Shoulda read the comments before I bought it.

Also, nice documentation… the lack there of, I mean.

Slider is completely useless on ipad. Contacted seller for ipad support and never heard back. Avoid this one!

I also should have read comments. slides great on iPad, but touching on an image doesn’t open the link. Their own demo doesn’t work on Ipad.

Flowslider is a separate plugin that they’ve wrapped into their js. I added the “Touch” code from Flowslider and it still doesn’t work. Wondering if it has to be licensed for touch.

http://2011.annualreportgrontmij.com/ has a working version with touch on an iPad so it is possible. It’s one of the examples on FlowSlider.com http://www.flowslider.com/gallery/grontmij

So I guess that’s my next step. To see what is different there.

I’m struggeling with the touch event on ipad, too. If anyone found a solution, please post it here. @wanyxspe: Do you have a hint?


Un slide de pago y que metan la publicidad de quien lo ha hecho, es vergonzoso.

Respecto a los comentarios espero que lo del ipad se pueda solucionar.