Thumbnail Gallery Slider

Thumbnail Gallery Slider

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jQuery thumbnail slider with popping out borders. Two modes/styles: popping out bottom border and without. Enjoy this simple and flawless image slider gallery.

Get rid of clumsy buttons, make navigation intuitive!

About Thumbnail Slider

Thumbnail Slider works through mouse movements and does not require a user to click anything, which enhances user engagement greatly.

Mouse Movement

Thumbnails are moved reading user’s mouse, which is more intuitive and creates a better user experience. Fluid Width

You can stretch Thumbnail Slider as much as you want. Create any (even dynamic) width sliders. Thumbnail Size

You can use any thumbnail size. The slider will adapt automatically, you will just have to set size of the background. Shadows

In the beginning and the end of the slider there are overlay hadows that hide thumbnails more naturally. Flow Slider

Thumbnail Slider uses Flow Slider Free, a powerful and customizable jQuery plugin. Inactive Thumbnails

When user hovers one of the thumbnails the other ones are dimmed to allow user to concentrate on the active item. Customizable

You can easily change the background image and thumbnail border colors. Browser Support

This script supports all major browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari, and Opera. Light Effect

On active items an overlay image in the top left corner is placed to create a clean glass light effect. Smooth Sliding

Thumbnail Slider is powered by Flow Slider jQuery plugin which moves flawlessly and you can choose from many transition effects. Title Text

Under each thumbnail you can put any text or HTML, or leave it completely empty if you just want a border around an active item.