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looks interesting. No Adobe Air to be able to edit this. Also, the touch seems slow on S3

Thanks you for your feedback.

looks like adobe air is free? How easy is it to edit this game?

Yes, it only need flash pro and air sdk to edit this game.

i am interested would be great if you give optional to change the balls to other characters such as fruit, food, sport provide some balls image let say 5-10 balls and you allow us to change them with our characters we want above I am very happy to purchase let me know if you can custom it


Yes, I can custom for you. You need support the ball images and you need need the extended license.Thanks.

Hi: I am interested but: do you have an Eclipse project version of this code?

Thx KJ

Not yet. Thanks.

Hi, I purchase this item, and I try to compile it(with Flash CS6), but I receive the following error:

WARNING: The included library item ’\Users\fusong\ThreeColorBalls\trunk\src\ThreeColorBalls\admob_all_in_one6.6.7.ane’ is not found.

Could you help me get rid of this error?

You need AIR version larger than 3.9, also you could check the File->Advanced ActionScript3.0 Settings, and add the ane in your libs. The admob_all_in_one6.6.7.ane is in your source code package.

Really nice app. I am expert in re skinning the game. Let me know if any one want to re skin this app I will do it at reasonable price.


According me, no other one contact me for re-skin the mobile game. By the way , for the flash version, there are one friend contact me for re skin work. Thanks.

Please let me know what’s the easiest way to change images for this game. I would like to insert my own images instead of these balls. Thanks a lot.

I can help with the work. But it is charge service. You can change the images in the fla lib. Thanks.

This app is using legacy admob ads. Google will not accept this types of ads anymore. Also Very poor decumentation.(its only a description of the app)

new admob support will soon update.

Is it the app or only source code? Do you provide reskin and upload to Playstore?

Yes source and app.It is charge service for reskin.