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Hello, I get this error: Caution: You must change the DFS_C_CSV_FILE_NAME in the configuration file.

How can I fix it? Thanks

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Thank you for your purchase :)

It’s explained in the documentation, just open the configuration file under /HPDFS/includes and change that variable (probably email address too!)


I have a problem showing the minimum bid. When I set it to TRUE and min is 500, it displays “Minimum bid: 500 DFS_L_CURRENCY” . How can I fix it to display Minimum bid: 500 USD?

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This is very embarrassing! open the index.php and change that DFS_L_CURRENCY to DFS_C_CURRENCY :)

We’ll submit an update very soon.


does this have a bakend to add domain or i will have to build one for it and how different is this from the wp plugin

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It does not have a backend, in order to “add” domains you should just “park” them on the one has this script installed on, that’s really all you’d have to do :) it’s very easy! as for the WP plugin, it has quite a lot of more features than this script, and it has a very good backend! take a look at its screenshots :)

Hi ! I am interested in buying this script. I have responsive html templates with forms . I would like to integrate this script in those templates. Is it easy to integrate in that form? Thank you

Hi, I purchased this script, looks great, but seems hard to integrate. Can you give a little help with it ? I can send the html file to you to have a look.

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We’ll be glad to! send them to support a

Sent from office a . Thanks

Hello, How can I add google analytics if I have it hosted on 1 folder in my server and have a few hundred domains pointed to that folder? and How can I add banners? Thanks

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You should just add the GAnalytics code to the index.php somewhere before </body> and the same counts for the banner ads almost, you should add them to the index.php, however if you needed some CSS with that (like putting them on the left and right of the form) contact us through the Support section with your FTP access details etc and we’ll take good care of it :)


First of all, thank you for the great work. How can you enable the captcha? And is there a way to enable multi language selection withing the form?


Nasko, Finland

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Thank you :)

Yes indeed, they are all in the configuration file (HPDFS/includes).

Contact us through support if you needed further help on this :)


Please give a check at description language because it’s not working.

Just deleted all files there and uploaded two files: en.description.txt es.description.txt

Script always show english description.

Great work, nice script. Regards.

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The script checks the browser language by default, have you tried it with two different browsers? and\or setting the default language to “es”? if so, please send us your configuration file to support a


Great script, better support. Five stars!

how this script works, if we have 100 domains and people wants to sell

Alright, sent you the URL, take a look and let us know! :) (it’s a temporary URL, please don’t publish it here)

if i buy the script will be the same as temporary URL ?

Yes, we’ll zip that one and email it to you, just send us an email once you’ve purchased it.

Can I see temporary URL also. I would like script more like that. Any chance of php version with all the WP features? Thanks.

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Thank you for your interest :)

What do you mean by a temporary URL?

Yes, we’ve some plans to port most of the plugin features to this, no ETA yet however.

Any other questions? we’ll more than glad to answer :)

Awesome support – I sent them an email asking how to do something and in less than a couple of hours they sent me the solution in the form of an updated file. This was on a Saturday afternoon. I wasn’t expecting a response until Monday.

The script works great! I currently have about six domains on it and will add more to it later.

Thanks for the great support!

Hi there, when will this PHP version get an update/upgrade? Thanks

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest :)

It’ll be available around January.

Do I understand correct when there is only one installation on my main domain and routing domains for sale to this main domain? What is meant exactly(!) with “Just install the script on one domain, and park all the rest on that one”? What is parking? Thnaks for your support.

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Thank you for your interest :)

Parking is when your website can be reached through more than one domain name, let’s say you have and is “parked” on it, when you go to it’ll show you the but the URL in your browser still says, this is basically what parking is, and it’s easy to add, if your site has a control panel, like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc you can park domains with just a few clicks.

“5 mins to install it on hundreds of domains”

1. how do I install it on hundreds of domains? I have 651 domain names, do I have to change the titles and headings on the HTML for each of them? and include the google analytics on each HTML page? that does not sound like a 5 minute job.

2. I have a google adsense account for parked domains. Is there an easy way to include it once for all domains and modify it conveniently without having to edit each and all? thanks

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Thank you for your interest :)

You’ll only install it on one domain and then park all your domains on that one, that has this script installed on, then all the page titles, headings, etc will automatically reflect the parked domain name, it’s easy as that, but surely parking hundreds of domains takes some time and effort, especially if changing DNS is also needed.

As for GA, you can add it to the index.php, and it’ll be added to all your landing pages.

Any other questions we’d be glad to answer!

Alright! thanks for the quick answers.

I’ll grab it now and try it on a few domains first.

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Thank you for your purchase :)


jxff Purchased

This an excellent way to advertize your domains for sale. The author has made it very simple to use and even includes a “robots.txt” to avoid unnecessary bandwidth usage by bots. My suggestion would be to have an option for splash background for those that do not know basic HTML yet.

Hi there,

Thank you for your purchase and feedback :) it’ll be definitely added to the next version of this script.

So far it was a good script. I configured it testing with 100 domain names and there was no problem. E.g

However suddenly offers are not being received as email anymore. Not even as spam. Where are my offers going? Thanks

Thanks again. I sent you the ftp access through support tab

After you login, the index.php is right in the home directory (same file structure as your original script). Nothing changed in the file structure

After you login, the index.php is right in the home directory (same file structure as your original script). Nothing changed in the file structure

Thanks, it worked.

One last thing. I noticed if you type domain_name/something it reveals apache 404. Example will bring you the right page. But will bring you error. Do you know how to make htaccess to avoid this? Thanks

I think you are right. I’ll create the possible sub-urls individually and redirect them to server domain home. Thanks a lot. Great script

Well, as long as there’s a redirection in place it’s essentially the same thing, doesn’t really matter if there’s a real webpage there or not, I mean as long as the redirection happens automatically. If you want to add some keyword-rich pages to help with your SEO etc etc you can just create some pages and just add some links or buttons that would bring the visitors back to the bidding form (front page), no forced redirection no suspicion of fake content.

Thanks for your remark :)

Thank you so much. You really represent not just a slice of it but the whole html pie :) kudos

This script and your support really deserves 5 stars.

One last thing: I tampered with validation trying to force users to enter only numeric values greater than or equal to minimum bid (in the “offer” field). But this got mixed up so I withdrew my changes. Is there an easier way to implement this? Thanks

Thank you :)

Are you trying to do it through the front-end (i.e. HTML) like this (the 3rd example) or through the back-end? (i.e. PHP)

I didnt notice you already did that validation :) 5 stars

Alright :) thanks for the rating!