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iSixty Purchased

I purchased this plugin and had a couple of difficulties because I was trying to do something a little different. I just wanted to leave a comment and thank HTMLPIE. Their support team is above and beyond the norm. Even though my problems were probably outside their support obligation, they jumped in and helped me get it working. They are very professional and very courteous. I wish all support departments were this good.

Despite a couple of teething problems, this is a great plugin. It does what it says in the description. Tech support is the best I have ever come across.

I estimate this plugin has saved me 1 hour for every domain I have listed with it.

I too would like the ability to display premium domains, perhaps in a scrolling box and / or the option to add a featured domain.

I have several domains that I consider quite valuable but they get lost in the alphabetical list.

5 star product and 10 star service.


tzola Purchased

I’m stumped. Installed plugin and theme on domain A. Parked and imported domain B. Configured domain B with unique information. No errors reported. When I enter domain domain B into URL, it displays domain A info. What am I missing?


tzola Purchased

Problem resolved. Thank you for the excellent customer support!


tzola Purchased

Hello again, I was just wondering why there encrypted code in the style sheet? For example in distheme-header.css.

Hi there!

Those are SVG backgrounds, for maximum browser compatibility; you can read about them here: :)


vr123 Purchased

Hi htmlpie, plugin not work and I emailed support several days ago, still no response. Pls help.

Hi there,

We’ve just replied to your support ticket; your domains are just parked where the main WordPress is not located you should just move the WP or fix the parkings.



vr123 Purchased

Hi htmlpie, thanks for the latest updates. Now the plugin works with wpmu. I almost lost faith on it until I update it today and found it works now. Thanks. 5stars.

Hi there, thank you very much! :)


ASNOE Purchased

Hey HTML Pie, Nice work! Seems to do everything well… except I was wondering about the minimum offer. It doesn’t seem to increase after I get an offer. That is, if I set it to $500 minimum offer and then get an $800 offer, the minimum offer is still at $500. Isn’t it supposed to make the last offer the new minimum? Thanks!


ASNOE Purchased

Just a follow-up. I finally stumbled on the new theme download note and everything looks great. REALLY appreciate the new features.

I did notice one little thing… when I load like 25 domain names and then I click to go to the next page, I don’t go back to the top of the page. So next, I set it up to only show 5 domain names and figured that not going to the top of the page would be fine if the user couldn’t scroll the page in the first place.

The problem there is that the height of the list container didn’t collapse. So I ended up with this huge white space in the list container, at the bottom of the five domain names and users still had to scroll down to get to the page tabs—and then had to scroll back up to see the top of the new page!

I thought there used to be a setting to set the height of the listing container, but as I recall it didn’t work, and I can’t even find such a setting now. Anyway… is there a way to set the difs_list container height? If not, will auto help?


Hi there,

That’s the theme, not the plugin, you can find the option under Admin -> Appearance -> Customizer -> Domain list.


ASNOE Purchased

Okay, then that’s where I saw it. It didn’t work before, but I see you have fixed that and the HTML area. Now it looks and works AWESOMELY! Thanks again for adding the dynamic minimum offer and the email verification.

Very well!:)

Hello, I’m not able to download the current version yet..

codecanyon.. i was just able to use the automatic updater and it worked.

is there a way to hide the Primary Menu tab in this version of the theme and just display my actual menu tabs as it did before?

Sure, you can find the theme settings under Appearance -> Customizer


ASNOE Purchased

Hello again! Really enjoying the software; recently noticed the “expiring” feature in the admin’s domain name list. Nice.

Anyway, I was wondering if there is a trick to adding an IDN? I tried it both ways, with Text/Unicode and with punycode and both ways result in a “does not seem to be parked on” notice, although it is indeed listed (in punycode) as an alias in the CPanel. Additionally, it actually lands on a proper page, but since it is not “imported” I am unable to manipulate the features usually associated with each domain name.

Any feedback on how to overcome this small obsticle would be appreciated. Thanks in advance -

Hi there,

So glad to see :)

Could you please send the domain name to Support?

Thank you!

I am considering purchase.

How is the main domain handled? I am assuming one would have a “host” domain that is not for sale? How is it excluded from sale in a multisite environment?

A few of my domains for sale have content. Does your script accommodate this scenario?

Can the forms be submitted via my secure server as the script is currently written?

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest :)

The main domain can be excluded with a few clicks through the Configuration page; and it’s the same on a multisite environment too.

You can definitely have domains with custom content etc and also SSL (if that’s that you mean) however it’d be better to send us some URLs through the Support section so we can check and provide a “definitive answer”, thanks.

Fatal error: Access to undeclared static property: Difs::$domain in /home/bigdomain/public_html/wp-content/themes/difstheme.old/functions.php on line 241

This happens when I activate theme 2.4

Just purchased this. I need this fixed, it renders the whole fucking thing unusable

Then you should have contacted us through Codester; anyway, it appears the plugin you have installed is not the latest version, please contact us through our own website (can’t put a link here, sorry, it’s against TOS of this site) so we can help you update it to the latest version; that “difstheme.old” should also be moved out of the /wp-content/themes directory.

I named difsthme.old because it broke my WP installation. That is theme 2.4. Is there a later version?

Where the HECK do I download the latest version?

Why was I give an old version when I purchased??????????????????


ASNOE Purchased


Updated to Version 2.4.7…

After you click the link, sending a verification email, for some reason the subject title for the confirmation email (it doesn’t happen on the initial verification email) looks like this:

Hw�A�q�q$�* ��� ��� o��r�’ ��=�


(1) Since the the Highest Offer updates immediately (before the submitter has verified their email) is there a cron job looking to remove those offers if verification goes unanswered for some period of time? If not, shouldn’t there be an initial status set (like pending) where the offer does not show up until they verify and the status is changed to Verified? Seems like one of the two would be required – probably the later from a functionality standpoint.

(2) Small thing, but should have the verification link land in the theme (maybe a static page that says “You’re verified!” or something). I mean, it’s just a landing page for after the software has already used the verification link to change their status to “Verified” or whatever, right?

(3) Does saving a custom (single domain) configuration also clear the cache on that domain? How do you clear the main domain name cache?


Hi there,

Thanks for reporting this! could you please forward the broken email, we need it to check it.

You are right about the 1st, I think both are very much necessary, I’ll queue them thank you! the 2nd will be added in a few weeks; as for the 3rd, it depends on what you have changed, currently any configuration that would affect the domain list triggers the “cache: clear” function otherwise it allows the user to decide when it’s a good time to clear the cache and so on, and the main domain can get its cache cleared just like other domains (clear the cache for this domain) or together with the rest by clicking clear the cache for “all domains”.


meken Purchased

A very quick and friendly support, thank you!

I checked my the main domain is not for sale and in the front page I found that make an offer tab disappeared for all the domains parked in. What is the issue here?

Hi there,

We’ve just replied to your support ticket :)

How to remove tags please?

Hi there,

Thank you for your purchase :)

You can remove them through WP backend -> “Domain For Sale” -> Configuration -> Tags, or just prevent them from appearing on the domain list via “Domain For Sale” -> Configuration -> Portfolio.

I bought this, installed it. It’s very buggy, gave up. a month or two later I tried to install the latest version, too complicated, wasted an hour an a half, nothing updated.

Came back 7 months later and they want another $21.88 and I never got to use it to begin with, my support expired. Just make the thing update automatically inside the wordpress dashboard please. I have better ways to spend my time then navigating endless websites to find my License number Invoice number and creating an API. Could be much more user friendly.

“Your support for this item has expired. You may still leave a comment but please renew support if you are asking the author for help.”

Hi there,

Thank you for your purchase and sorry to see this.

As a matter of fact all the commercial plugins (and themes) require some kind of verification of purchase before they allow the user to receive updates and use them (be it automatic or not). Also, if you had trouble installing the plugin you had to contact our support back then not to give up :)

Anyway, please send us some admin credentials through our profile page, we’ll setup the plugin for you and enable automatic updates for it too.

Wow, thanks guys, I really appreciate the fast support.


khunjoe Purchased

Hello, May I ask how to make the Full Name in the “Make Offer” Page a required field? Thanks for you answer! Joe

Hi there,

Thank you for your purchase :)

Right now it’s not possible to make it required, but we may consider adding this feature in later version, depending on how it may affect lead generation though.

Is it possible to add a Buy-It-Now button that allows the buyer to pay immediately?

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest!

If you mean something like buttons yes indeed there’s a “Custom HTML” option (Domain For Sale -> Configuration) which would allow you to add buttons to the form (we don’t recommend PayPal buttons).

Any other questions we’d be glad to answer :)

I have a big problem with the server load … As soon as I activate the script in WP the server load goes up to 4.00 and stays around 2.00 at all time … I need a solution ASAP!!!

Hi Joe,

Don’t worry, please send us the URL (possibly with admin credentials) through the Support section so we can check, thanks.

Email sent … Thanks for your help!

Fatal error: Call to undefined function openssl_encrypt() in /usr/local/apache2/htdocs/clearwatermmanet/wp-content/plugins/this-domain-is-for-sale/shared/class-difs.php on line 1364

error I received.

Hi there,

Thank you for your purchase :)

Please tell your host to enable the OpenSSL extension for you. If it’s a self-managed VPS or dedicated server (since most hosts have it installed by default) and you’re not sure how to install it etc just send us a message through the Support section and we’ll take care of that for you in a jiffy.

Great Work! Good Luck!!!