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Can i see documentation before i buy? I am not sure how i can use this plugin on thousands of domains oO at once. I don’t need to install 1000s of WP right???

That’s right; and if you have a control panel like cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin, etc, there’s no need to add CNAME records yourself, you’d just add those domains as additional aliases and voila! :)

if plugin is installed on then if other domain is owned by another person, but i want to sell it for them.

i just ask them to change cname to correct?

Yeah sure.

Can we use this plugin for our clients sites? or Bundle it with another program?

With Extended, I am free to change the Name of the plugin correct? Nothing is encrypted ?

That’s not allowed, besides you’d then have to apply all the future updates manually :O

Very cool! Good luck!

1. Can each domain have it’s own background?

2. Do you have a demo with the logo per domain?

3. Do you have an example of the > Compatibility with the “Domain” theme


Hi there,

Thank you for your interest :)

1. Yes you can add custom backgrounds, either using CSS like body.difs_domain_example_com { background: blabla; } or the Logo option if using the “Domain” theme.

2. The “Domain” preview has that however since this theme is not yet on the Envato marketplaces I think I cannot provide any link to that yet. (it’ll be on ThemeForest some time next month, well “hopefully” as we’ve already submitted it once and they’ve rejected it after 3 weeks! :\)

3. Same answer as 2 :)

Thanks. Sent you pm with one more question. Thanks for speedy reply here.


aioweb Purchased


I would like to ask about the plugin if there is a way to just have a list of the available domains and not together with the tab of make an offer. Is there a better demo than just the one you have here which shows the 2 tabs?

Thanks in advance for your answer

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest :)

Yes indeed, you can customize pretty much everything including the domain list.

There is one more demo however since it has a theme that is not on these marketplaces yet I cannot put the link here and so on, sorry.


Just my 2 cents worth, It is Ok as a tool, however it is missing a crucial component to make this a powerful and seamless product – a selection of background images, ability to add ones own background image, and a nice title area for the domain name.

You want to attract buyers to the domain and get the emotional juices flowing. So if you are selling a domain that is say for a Kindergarten, a nice background image that show a bunch of kids playing – selling a domain for a dental practice then a background image of a dentist etc etc.

So what I am suggesting is we should have the ability to set a background image and a title at the top of the screen. Then I would gladly buy this.

Hi there,

Then I think you should definitely buy it as these features are already available, for almost 2 years I think ;)

Thank you very for sharing your thoughts of course, much appreciated, thanks.

In order to see how’d look like you can check the live preview; there’s an option in the sidebar that says “Background: etc”, click that blue menu button there and there’ll a new option underneath that which says “Image” just click that and select an image from your computer and voila! :)

Does this plugin allow for mobile viewing?

Hi there,

Thank you for your purchase :)

Yeah it does, and it supports “responsive” images too.