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Many thanks!

Is there any live demo ?

demo is unavailable. sorry for the inconvenience

helo are sell plugin like gkplugins(proxy plugin) for jwplayer7?

You can try use gkplugins version php at: http://gkplugins.com/gkphp/

I have experience working with JWPlayer, VideoJS and developing plugins, skins and advertising (HTML5 and Flash player)

Please tell me how to slightly change the design of the playlist? It is very scary….

You can edit thin\thin-skin-retina-for-jw7\src\thin.css
Line 57 /* Sets the style for the visual playlist. */ to Line 122 /* Sets the color of the playlist title */

Or you can edit thin\thin-skin-retina-for-jw7\src\thin.less
Line 126
Line 191

I have purchased the item. But when I am trying to set up skins it is not working… In the view source of page everything looks good.

Given below is the link for the skin : http://speedwatch.us/v0y9c1nbo2lx

Please let me know where is the problem.

Supported via email and skype!

can i add to my file sharing player http://frhightech.com

yes, You can

Supported 7.8.1?

yes, it is

Hi , I’ve brought this skin when it was at ActiveDen for jw6 version ,, I can’t downoad it anymore is possible to get it again !? Thank you

Please provide screenshot of https://codecanyon.net/downloads
I will send last thin skin for jw6

hello , please help me i get jwplayer skin but i can’t install it i need it work with wordpress

i will make a refund my money and my rate will be 0

Document or the video setup do you have ? emergency support. I bought the player

can agree it is not a document.it is impossible to understand from the documentation.

it would be nice if it was a video installation made.

hello my friends.I bought the player.. I need to setup video and documentation.

for documentation, please see in doc/README.html
for start, please see:
it is official website of player

Can I add an ad video before starting a video on this player?

hello, I’m in need of help, I’m not able to use I need help very fast, I can