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I have downloded the plugin but it seems to be not working for the latest wordpress. After i activate it i cannot see any option to access the plugin ?

I just tried it in the newest version of Wordpress and it was fine for me. Look in the “tools” menu when the plugin is activated and you should see it there.

my image sizes are different. some images width have 500, some have 600 and some have 640. will the plugin crop the images more than 500 width ? or should i change this value in your code


thanks in advance

i mean the value style=’max-width:500px

The plugin doesn’t do any cropping, it just sets the max width and resizes the image to fit. I used 500px because it would work for almost any theme. If you want it bigger, you can increase that variable.

This may be a life saver for me. I have a large blog built on Thesis 1.85 which does not support wp “featured image” feature. I want to move it to Flexform theme, but finding and moving all those images would be overwhelming. Could you answer a few questions before I give it a try?

1) Do I need to do each post individually or will the plugin execute the commands for all the posts at once?

2) Has this plugin been tested in WP 3.9.1 and will it work on the older Thesis 1.85?

follow up: On execute the “post images” were successfully converted to embedded images, but they did not become featured images when moved to a theme that supported featured images. At what point am I supposed to hit “remove post image”? Is that what migrates them to the “featured image” location after changing themes? I was not clear on this step.

Doesn’t work. only one out of 50 images was turned into a feature image and the the rest remained embedded in the post. Once embedded they were not editable and had to be deleted manually. I’d appreciate a refund on this because it is of no use to me. I waited 4 days for a response and now I’ve moved on.

Hi there, I have been out of the country on my honeymoon, so internet access has been spotty. By your description, the plugin worked exactly as intended. Each theme has different database settings for “featured image,” so it would be impossible to ensure 100% compatibility for that. Many themes automatically use the first image in each post as the featured image, for example all themes developed by StudioPress (Genesis).

The images should be fully editable once embedded at the top of the post. If you could explain what you ran into there, I can look into what may have caused it.

Just bought the plugin and it doesn’t work with a window’s box. Please refund,

It shouldn’t be dependent on what type of server you have. Can you send over the error message from the server so we can update to address that problem?

The plugin uses the SQL database for the Wordpress plugin to make the upgrades. As long as Wordpress is working, it should work fine.

Here is a link to the error. It’s for a huge site and our security team has hardened it.


I thought this could be a quick fix, but doesn’t look like it.

That doesn’t look like anything to do with the type of server your are on (Windows/Linux), it looks like you have a security measure in place blocking the script from running. If your server admin allows access for the plugin to run, even if just temporarily, it should still work fine. They should see the request in a server log file with details on why it was blocked with enough information to allow it to run.

This seems like a great plugin, but I keep getting this error when I try to use the plugin: “Error: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ’/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (13)”. I am using WPEngine as my host if that’s helpful at all. Thank you!

That looks like the database is not configured using a typical setup. The plugin requires accessing the database (usually located at ‘localhost’, but can be elsewhere as defined in your wp-config file.

I would ask WP Engine if the database is not configured using a typical configuration, like what you would see with CPanel.

I’ve never seen this specific error before.

Hello Eric,

I bought the plugin, but no luck. I get the same error as above. See below. The reason is that I am running WP 4.4 and it is fundamental Wordpress upgrade and the way the plugin is written is not handling that with mysql statement. Please check http://askubuntu.com/questions/605136/access-denied-for-user-linuxuserlocalhost-using-password-no

If you can fix the plugin with the new info, that would be great. Just bough the plugin with a hope that it will help…any help is appreciated..

Warning: mysql_query(): Access denied for user ’’@’localhost’ (using password: NO) in /home/tw/public_html/wp-content/plugins/thesis-image/thesis_image.php on line 59

Warning: mysql_query(): A link to the server could not be established in /home/tw/public_html/wp-content/plugins/thesis-image/thesis_image.php on line 59 ErrorAccess denied for user ’’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)

Hi kumarilu, sorry for the long response time here. I just submitted a new version to CodeCanyon which should fix this issue.

I’m getting an error message “ErrorAccess denied for user ‘amaniyeri’@’localhost’ (using password: NO)” What now?

Hi Brenda, sorry for the long response time here. I just submitted a new version to CodeCanyon which should fix this issue.

Congratulations! Good luck with your sales ;)

How to remove the images from the posts after converting it to featured image ? Is there an option ?

Hi! There is no undo feature to remove the images aside from restoring from backup or removing them individually.