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PM sent ! Thank you

Fantastic builder!

your builder using shortcodes as modules and shortcodes including in the content area, right?

The Builder does not use shortcodes to store data. Shortcodes are allowed in the Builder content using Text module.

ignore this, writing again to click the reply box

It looks good and I’d like to watch the video, but I can’t hear anything you are saying with the piano playing on the page

Pre-purchase question – can you change the space between rows and columns (to nothing if necessary)?

In other words – instead of having gaps between rows and columns, can you have items butting right up against each other both horizontally and vertically?

Yes, you have full control of each module and row styling.

Hi, please is it possible to use Insert PHP wordpress plugin with themify builder

I afraid Insert PHP plugin does not work with the Builder.

Thanks for the response. Please I will appreciate information on any other possible way I can run my PHP script with your wonderful builder. Calling through Iframes has not worked perfectly. Thanks

It is not safe to run PHP code within content as it can draw security concerns and errors. If you need to run PHP code, it is best to code a WP shortcode and then insert the shortcode in the content. Shortcode is supported with Themify Builder.

Hi, can this plugin edit the post type templates that are created with your other plugin Post Type Builder? I am looking for a way to edit one post and have it reflected to all the post type templates created with your PTB plugin… That would be a nice combination for your amazing PTB… Thanks

too bad :( PTB is amazing by the way… Just gave it the 5 stars it deserves… I wish somebody could create a “post type template” editor As the creator of these two things you’re in the best position maybe…

Check out Themify Flow we have:

It is capable to design templates for post types.

You got my back ;) Thanks

can i add my shortcode with your plugin?

Yes, you can :) You’ll just have to use the Text module and copy paste your shortcode there.

What is the best way to edit the header and footer to add widget functionality?


Apologies for the delay with our response. This is actually part of the theme elements and is dependent on the theme that you’re using. The Themify Builder is a content management tool, it cannot edit theme elements (i.e. sidebar, footer, and header).

If you’d like to edit these elements, please consider to use one of our themes found here – as this is something you’ll be able to do with our themes.

Hope that answers your question. If you need any further clarification with anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email here –

Thank you for your patience.