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As an avid user user user of BoomChat, I wanted to congratulate and wishing you GLWS!! I love BoomChat!!

thanks powerj glad you like my product


Great work my friend GLWS!

Thanks BoomCoding my friend glad you like and support my product.

Hello, What happened to the PayPal add-on for BoomChat?

Hi, can you describe more about the issue? So i can fix it. Do you have issues with pay pal addon when use this skin pack? With any specific theme? Does it work with default theme? Thanks.

I dont see a change control. what is new in this update?

Hi Macfionn,

Hmm.. strange.. im sure I put change log there, i will edit again.

There is one new theme The Sinner

Some icon for addons fixed what was hard to see on white background

*And some little bugs fixes

Ah! Thanks Boris. :)

you can slightly tweak the theme? there are some moments that are not entirely comfortable, The screenshot shows that private chat is not exactly friendly become, message box located below the footer site http://boomchat.ru/upload/DeliKat/Screenshot46.png

oh, give me several min to fix that you can add me on skype:bob7i8

DeliKat391 thanks for reporting issue :)

and thank you for the quick response

Can the chat bar be at the bottom instead of at the top?

No i did not edit the code, I activated the theme and shared a youtube video. In the default skin when the fancybox pops out everything is fine. In the minimalistic when the fancybox opens the sidebar has three draws open, one upon each other. I’m using Google Chrome on windows.

ok, thanks @MisterDirector

Just edit minimalistic.css file and remove this line

border-top: 3px solid #636382;

from body in row 9.

I will fix that in next update.

Thanks for reporting.

Okay thanks, it’s sorted now.

Hi, dost this addon wirk on wordpress version

yes it should works

dose work with 7.1 version

hi, i will make update soon

let me know when is ready. i will buy it straight way.

Sorry for delay, upgrade is available very soon


Scrap my post … I cannot delete it …

Had same question as above post … “dose work with 7.1 version” ...

Great if an update can be done …

Thanks :)

cheers, GemBro

Sorry for delay, upgrade is available very soon

themes will be corrected for version 7.1 chat ?

Today will be updated, thankyou

Thanks for the update Boris … appreciated ;) ...

so dose your theme work on 7.1 ? if so i already bought it now could you tell me which file i should use as i can see there are two file with same name

yes it works, hmm, it should be described in read me.txt

Hello, Do you realize that the plugin “Quiz” does not work with your themes? The others may not work as well, I have not tested theme yet.

Does the boom_stream add-on work with your themes? I don’t see the icon even after replacing jqueryui files.

Disregard all my questions above. I figured it out.

ok, glad to hear you figured it out. it should work, if there is issue i would like to know that. tnx for buying

Nice design!

Hello, Can design a template for front website? For the login?

Thanks for the support.

Hi, is it possible to turn the chat on and off by admin? We would like to use it during radio shows and turn it on when we want comments from our listeners.



Hi, is it possible to turn the chat on and off by admin? We would like to use it during radio shows and turn it on when we want comments from our listeners.



hi, this is not chat software, this item are chat skins, first you must buy this chat to use our skins https://codecanyon.net/item/boomchat-responsive-phpajax-chat/7182237

For any additional questions about chat features better ask there.

Thanks :)

Boomchat – Responsive PHP/AJAX Chat item no longer available??..

I think no, because new software is made by its author. Cody chat:


I still made nice themes for it, cheap but pro.


Best regards Boris

where i can buy?