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i need daily rental option

Please sent your requirement via private message

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facebook login not work! how to setting it on FB App

Please download updated package, and place credential

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hello i am really interested in that system butbi cant get my head around the fact its missing such a basic email property alert system where people should be able to set property alerts based on their creteria such as city and area of their interest along with the price, rooms, bathrooms etc so if the existing properties prices drop or a new one is listed that matches their alert criteria they can be notified. its such a critical point to have in a real estate script.


Thank you for your interest, You have to make customization for this feature

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I agree with zafarmd. Got few questions/suggestions of my own:

1. There is no properties (My ads) filter/search from backend, imagine having 300+, any news on that?

2. Multiple image upload form backend :/ ??

3. Custom fields under “Property details”?, ability to select field type (checkbox, dropdown, text etc…)

4. Publish/Unpublish button on listing view from backend?

5. Drag and drop gmaps marker (agents rarely display exact location of property)

I like the script, but it’s in early stage of development as I can see, would be interested in buying with more features.



We will fix condition and ban of agents in the future version.

Actually, we’ve not added the category here, real estate doesn’t need category. But if you need it, you can customize it easily

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Can I add a watermark to images?

Hello, is able to repait in advanced filter: in Select a Amenities is not amenities but Property Type. In advanced filter is missing “purpose” (sale, rent). Are you able to add this functionality?

I did It my self. I mafe searching for sale or for rent and for Amenities too. Thanks for myself.

You are awesome :)

In search feature, I do not see for sale or for rent options. Is this option available or I have to add on my own?

Does the script support other payment gateways or is it just paypal and stripe?


For the search features, there have to just an option to working it and, an HTML select box and in the query.

Others payment gateway you can make by following PayPal and stripe gateway which are built in

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Hi, how to use https?

can this script handle up to 2million properties?

Do you think we can populate it with API from property provider and it will still function efficiently? Also, will the amazon storage reduce server load. we are hosting on dedicated servers

You can sell or rent both, Yes, you can if are a developer or hire a developer.

Definitely, it will reduce your server storage and load. The dedicated server is great for this script. We also recommended this

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when the script loads the image appeared oversized and later resized, is this a bug or what?


First of all, i created an account but every time i try to add a property it shows errors and also the page does not load.

Can you also make most of the items optional when creating an advert? some people do not want to enter many things

Can you help to integrate a local payment gateway

When is a new update coming up?

I look forward to hear from you

Thank you Ronnie

There is much input you will find as optional. So your potential users no need to submit every input.

We are resetting our application every certain period, you may try that time. Please try again

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Is it possible to disable some countries and enable them later? Such that for now i can concentrate on just 3 countries at the moment ?

Is there away to have a currency converter such that there is a default currency but the users are able to decide on which currency they should be billed in basing on the currencies added on the system?

Otherwise i have liked your script.




You can enable 3 or more or a single country. and also later from the location settings.

For currency switcher, you need to make some customization there.

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1. Add the option to automatically delete the ad in 30days incase the owner does not delete it before 20days.

2. Can you add the option to add custom fields on registration like; DIVISION AND ZONE, where the agent comes from. Its very important for the person searching for the property to know where the agent is coming from.

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You do not need to delete them manually, the expired ads will be hidden from the public after certain days, you can set those days from the backend.

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Is it possible to delete all country page

when will be new update for this?

you will get update notification if you purchase. we update regularly.

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im waiting for new update then i will buy it :/