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Hello i do not see any option to reject the pending ads. is it there? can you add language which i want after i buy ? is any website currently using your script, please refer it if any.



Currently you can block an ad. You will get detailed instruction for adding a language via settings > language.

And all of customers happy with it. hopefully you will get happy also, sorry for can’t share any live url


I want to purchase your item, but i’m thinking about that how i will install it on cpanel?


thanks for interest, instlation is really fun, just access it after upload, it will be asked you to place database connection. give it and hit install, it will be install by it delf

or we can help you about install if you want

best regards

Is possible post an ad without login?
Or will be possible in short future?
or you can get this feature like custom service for me?

I sent you message about post ads from your profile, but I found bug in counts in categories. Why on front I see 0 but in category is few ads, or I see 2 on count but in category is 5 ads?

Hi Still I don’t have anwer for my issues (see on top). I found next problem. In mobile after loggin in don’t see left dashboard menu. Where is this menu in mobile? (admin menu and user menu in mobile not exist).


The dashboard is not mobile support. It will be hidden in the smartphone.

And about category count, Only after payment accept or ads live. it will increase one

Best regards

hello pls i have site for computer ( http://laptop2all.com ) can i make this script part from my site …...my site under wp.

Second question why you did not put the choices for the type of currency in which I deal with the more altered the country remains one currency you make one curency for all contry ???

Is it possible in the panel admin put links so i can be addicted to work affiliet of the Amazon, for example, and put following link


You can install it in a sumdomain or a sub directory. And for affiliate link. You have to customized a little bit.

Best regards

can u add seller profile in next update ?

hello, I sent you a message via your envato author profile. thanks.

hello are you upgrading this to laravel 5.4 anytime soon ?

Yes, we will upgrade it soon

when will you include ad expiration? right now, if you place an ad, it never expires. You would have to to go in and MANUALLY delete the ad. This is such a basic feature that I am surprised it wasn’t written like that to begin with. Are you doing this on purpose knowing that this is a needed feature and the buyers will request “custom” coding? (not accusing just want to know what the reason is to leave this basic generic feature out). thanks

hello, I was planning to try out your demo again, but instead of being able to view your demo, this is the message that shows up on the screen, even after trying several times.

The client and server don’t support a common SSL protocol version or cipher suite.

  • do you offer free installation immediately after purchase of your theme?

if u want, I will help you to installation

installation is so easy

hello again, I just sent you a confirmation message to your support email. Please reply as soon as you have time.

Hi, I could not set it up on my VPS, everytime I access to that, it redirect me to installation url. Can you please help??


Make sure your directory is writable

Best regards

hello , i bought this like a week ago , and im trying to install this remotely , locally it works fine , but on the web its not working with me , even after editing the .dev changing all the localhost to my web , any chance someone can help me with the installation please , i will really appreciate this

Give us your server credential in private message. We will help you install to your server

Best regards

Hi I want to buy that classified. But I have some questions. Can you contact me on sermed47@gmail.com please.

Is there anyone to help????

For now is not very good at support. :( I am waiting to buy. 3 days ago I sent the message. please contact me.


Sorry for delay response, we were a vacation. We are here to help you. Please contact us via your message box.

Best regards


I purchased your script and need help installing as i have followed instructions but just shows a black page.

Your help would be appreciated.

Blank page that should be.


Have your issue fixed? please check your PHP version. Make sure your server is meet with following requirement

PHP >= 5.6.4
OpenSSL PHP Extension
PDO PHP Extension
Mbstring PHP Extension
Tokenizer PHP Extension
XML PHP Extension

Best regards

Hi, your theme looks good. I’m interested to buy it but when will you do the upgrade in latest version and thead expiration function ?

was speaking of automatic expiration function for ads. When an add is created from someone, it can be online for 30 days then goes offline. Let me know when you update the version I will take it ! Thanks.

As the people can pay for a premium option, is there an active limit ? As I ask before, Are every add can be online for xx days before automaticaly going offline ? Awaiting your feedback to buy it !

Yes, premium ads has the limit for expire You can set it from admin panel as default expiration date. It will be goes auto hide from the website

Best regards

  • hello again, I asked these questions before, but still no answer even after a very long time.- maybe you are too bz with other stuff that you are not able to attend to this theme anymore?

I want to buy your script, but I have more questions:

1) is it possible to just remove the default currency, and just let the site member include the figures? For example, the price of the advertised item is $2,000, and the poster just put 2,000 without the $ symbol, that way anyone from any country can post ads – is this possible?

2) is it possible for you to add “Other Payment Methods” as an option so that the admin and poster can just agree on how the poster will pay the admin? So your payment methods will then be the following and just let the poster choose which one he wants to use?

1) Paypal 2) Stripe 3) Other Payment Methods


Sorry for delay response. We were a vacation, BTW: 1st one is possible and 2nd one you have to develop other Payment methods by hiring any laravel developer

Best regards


I’m very interested in your plugin. Question before purchase

1) Possible to translate it into French?

2) How to add a newsletter?

3) Why your menu does not stick to the scroller?

4) Would it be possible to add a back button up?

5) Do you plan to add a showcase page for the professionals.

6) A promo code system offered for new customers or other.

7) Custom fields depend on custom fields. That custom fields only depend on categories.

I will try to explain.

A user comes and submit ads, he or she saw some drop down.


From User Marks have select “ABARTH”.

Then, following the drop-down list displayed.

Select Select Fields for ABARTH: Values ​​(Abarth 124 Spider, Abarth 595 Series 4, Abarth 595C Series 4, Abarth 695 Biposto)

From this drop-down user, select “Abarth 124 Spider,”.

Then, We showed


Name Fields: Abarth 124 Spider

So what will be Name fields for Abarth 124 Spider?

For example, the brand of the car is “ABARTH”

The models: Abarth 124 Spider, Abarth 595 Series 4, Abarth 595C Series 4, Abarth 695 Biposto

Here is the name: The Abarth Range

Thank you


Thank you for your comment. You can add any language, and it’s translatable.

Other’s feature you have to be customized, because of you know. No one readymade script will be fit, have to be some customize

Best regards


xbaknet Purchased

I could not install ?

Please follow doc to install it properly, if you fail, let us know in personal messgae

Best regards

Hello, I am sorry for that comment but you dont answer my mails. I am waiting for the support. I can not Install. People are waiting for support. Before help all of them please.


We’ve checked and unfortunately we didn’t find your any question, could you please send us your query via personal message?

We are here to help you

Best regards

Thanks for your help. I saw your help mail on my email address. Thanks again. ;)


I have a few questions:

1. When I save one ad – which is not paid for (to be premium or urgent) I dont see the option for PAYMENT AGAIN, just first time, please fix this to se the PAYMENT BUTTON ALWAYS until user realy buy?

2. When I edit that same ad again and check a new checkbox for PREMIUM (for example URGENT) I dont see that the payment options and infos are UPDATED, please can you fix this “bugs” to have a concrete and realistic situation when editing the same ad again and change or update to PREMIUM?

Thanks very much, BEST REGARDS, Tarik

Hi You answered Regarding the RTL , Five month ago !!! Is it available now?