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Does it work with fillable PDF forms?... Populate forms and print.. :)

No. It doesn’t work with fillable forms currently.


Password for admin panel ?

username: admin password: tpradmin


I wish a more stable pdf reader and cross browser like you wrote on banner, more than what pdf.js given for free in github.

It comes with a management panel where you can upload pdf files & generate links. Also, It has some other additions like making all links to open with viewer or iframe etc..


Is there a way to have a single page view instead of continous scrolling when iframe height is 400px? I have mailed you also from the purchased id.

Hi, I think you can do it by adding the following css on viewer.css :
 overflow: hidden;

Let me know if I got it wrong.


It has an option to hide the url of the PDF?

No, It doesn’t have such option yet.


How to enable automatic hand tool after the pdf document has finished loading?

Hi, Yes, You can enable hand tool automatically.

To do this, you need to add the following code to web/viewer.php body :
So, It will look like:
  <body tabindex="1" onLoad="HandTool.toggle()">


It worked fine. Thanks

You’re most welcome.


Will the links generated by the plugin be trackable by google analytics?

Thank you

Yes, You can put analytics code on viewer page.


OK just watched the 17 minute video, and to be honest what looked impressive, now looks impressive, with loads of coding to undertake.

I was looking for a simple viewer, so as to create a Library of PDF files. But, looks like this is for single PDF’s only, and the closest you get to a menu based system is via creating URL links, via a clunky uploader.

So perhaps expecting too much, or just unrealistic in my needs.

All I was looking for was a PDF viewer, that all you do is load up your PDF’s in a folder, and then you can view each and everyone of the PDF’s in this folder via a simple menu.

OK, I can create one, but this seams to have been a missed opportunity, to make real improvements.

Perhaps I have missed this feature, please confirm and my apologies will be given.

Speak soonest – was going to buy now, but now waiting on a positive response.

Waited for 4 days now – No response

In the same time I have created my own coded version – after trying the demo, it was clear that your plugin doesn’t do what I want – so coded something that does exactly what is needed.

Suggest you need to be more responsive with your customers.

Is it possible to create a search function on it?

Hi, There’s already a find option in the reader. Why don’t you use that ?


Testing your demo on a Samsung Galaxy ACE GT-S5830L I only get menu, but no pdf, any suggestion?

Hi, PDF file needs some time to load once the main page is loaded.

Please wait for sometime and let me know if it still doesn’t work.


Hi, I just purchase your product, I found out that even after hiding the printing and download option, you could simply change the option from generated URL, how can I hide this from the URL, and also to block printing option from the browser (Ctrl+P) option? Please advise, Thanks

Hi, noted, what about the URL, is there a way to scramble it or hide the parameter value? since user can simply change the value from false to true from the URL and it defeats the purpose of admin function, Thanks

Yes, These settings can be made hard to change. We made this update on WordPress version. Will implement in php version as well but we don’t have any plan to update this in next few weeks. So, You have to wait for that if needed.


Noted, please inform me once the feature is available, thanks.

Are there plans to update this product to 2.0 like the wordpress version? I am interested in purchasing, but not if the app will be abandoned and not maintained like the wordpress version.

Hi, We’ll provide update for this one as well but not so frequent like the WordPress Version.

We’re planning to release an updated version in next few weeks.


Pretty sure I will find another solution in a few weeks. Think you just lost a sale. Too bad. You have some good features in this one.

So, I have patiently waited since February, 2016, for a solution to the ability of streaming the .pdf through Amazon S3 which is why I originally bought the product. It is pointless to store large pdf files on WordPress. I am hopeful you will be able to answer that here as your support is non existent. Thank you.

The sun sat and rose again with no reply. If you have a product that does not work as advertised why not just offer a full refund? Just saying. Thanks for the great customer support as well!

Hi foreclosurepedia, I’ve checked your ticket on our helpdesk and looks like we’ve provided a working solution for you (using an older version) and then asked you not to upgrade since we provide an update to s3 compatibilty.

I think the older version we suggested still work with latest wordpress, so that should work fine for you.


That is mighty kind of you; however, I purchased a product to work with S3. You still have not done that and refuse to inform me when you will provide such. I will simply file the formal complaint. Nice try skirting the issue though.

Thanks for the update!!

You’re Welcome :)

Hi there, I want to read pdf data and save to Mysql. Is it possible with this script? No need to display data on web.

It seems that the font Trebuchet MS is not supported by The PDF reader? Is that a known issue?

Pre purchase questions:

Can I include google analytic scrip on the file?

I need to replace the original sharing links for the ones I have below:

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=””>        

It is possible to do it?

Hello. Since my English is not so great I just wanted to clarify some things: from my understanding ThemeNcode PDF Reader is more a ‘Library of PDF files Reader’ than standalone PDF Reader; right? I just want a standalone, simple PDF Reader where anyone from organic searches on Google can come by, upload a PDF files and view it online. Just like this website here: . So because I badly need a standalone PDF Reader and I want to purchase your script, I wonder if I’m wrong (my bad English and my bad level of understating your item description). Can the ThemeNcode PDF Reader be installed and used as a standalone PDF Reader on a single, dedicated domain? Thank you.