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Hi i have an older version can i download the new 4.0 without pay?

Please follow this documentation link – http://themeportal.kamleshyadav.in/documentation/

Hi , i download the last version but where i can see my purchase code ? Thank you

You don’t need purchase code to update the script.Just follow the instruction how to update script that is mentioned in documentation.


isaicsg Purchased

How do I disable the sale of products and active only ’plans sale’, and and put those plans on the homepage? thank you.

You cannot disable the sale of products.

Pre purchase questions.

1. Is it possible to add custom fields that ties into category selection? Example: If category one is selected there will be options like “install instruction”, “support link”, “version” and so on. But if category two is chosen then none of the previous options is shown but instead options “requires”, developed by”, release year” and so on.

2. Is it ads ready? (Adsense)

3. Is it possible to add multiple files to one product?

The above questions are required for what I need to tun my site. And for the price of this script I’m very disappointed in options for what I can see from live preview and screenshots. Any download script should have the above settings since different authors require different options and descriptions in their product.

I don’t want to ask for custom support or coding every time a author wants a custom field added to his or her product.

Please contact the support team at support@himanshusofttech.com

Themeportal- Purchase code is incorrect.???

Your purchase code has been reset buy our Technical team.

Attention! Corrupt Software! ACHTUNG! BETRÜGER! DO NOT BUY IT.

Can you please specify what our software has done to harm your system !?

It’s not clear or I just don’t understand but – Can I have multiple vendors that upload their own products for sale and then take a commission our of each sale?

Yes, exactly, you can control the vendor commissions from the admin area.


Markuzzo Purchased

request reset send mail

Hello @Markuzzo your code has been reset. :)