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i dont cursing on a gameover screen will help your sales.

It was for a certain audience, expect changes shortly.

Agreed, cursing will get you 0 sales. Lol.

I’ve got 1 so far, so that’s progress. As I said.. I’ll be changing it soon. Either way what are source files for? ;)

Thanks, I’m glad you like it! Plenty more games to come soon. ;)

can you share the apk files of all your games for android version. I want to test before purchasing all of them.

anyway have the game charge btc to coinbase for better weapons

Hey, that’s a fantastic idea! If I get some spare time I’ll see what I can do, as that’d be a nice and modern method of monetization for the script users.

Game Over, Mudafuka? Really???

Yes, really. It has a source file, which allows you to customize it any way you wish.

Hello, let me know if is possible make the game responsive. Thanks

how can I add this to my wordpress site? Also tell me how to remove the curse at the end.