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squirrp Purchased

How long does it take for a support reply normally? Submitted one 5 days ago.

I assume you can apply this plugin to just one widget in a sidebar correct? So if you have 2 widget areas the top one can scroll by then the one below can stick? We can set the offset in px from the top of the page also right?

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out. At this moment it’s possible to only have an entire sidebar sticky, not just individual widgets.

All the best, Liviu

that’s really too bad. While I know some people just put everything from a side bar into one grouping, it is nice to have a sidebar ad ect which scroll with the page then the content below in another sidebar widget which can then be sticky. This is extra important as the average user isn’t allowed to have an AdWords ad in a sticky format unless they are in the millions of monthly hits and get permission from Google. Having a scrollable widget above the sticky one let them still have a scrollable sidebar add before the sticky content.

Hey! Author,

I think you should update this plugin as I am starting to have some issues with it.

When you scroll up and down sidebar doesn’t stick smoothly, it kind of gives sudden push or pull to top and bottom which I also noticed when I first activated this plugin but I didn’t give to much attention to it. Whereas now that sudden stickness is grabbing my attention a lot. I always go to themeforest to see newspaper 8 theme’s sticky sidebar and after that I start to feel this push even more I hope you are getting my point. So if you could make this sticky sidebar to smooth sticky sidebar just like newpaper 8 theme’s sidebar that would be sweet of you.

Hey Author,

How do I disable sticky sidebar on search page?


You can do so by using a custom selector. Please open a support ticket and we’ll help you out. https://wecodepixels.com/submit-a-support-request/

Cheers, Liviu


ipfy Purchased

Hi Team, Could you please check the support query that has been submitted?

I am trying to get the bottom of the sidebar to line up with the bottom of the content area when scrolling to the bottom. Right now, the sidebar is about an inch short of lining up. I assume there is something not being multiplied correctly in the code, because no amount of adjustment to paddings and margins fix the problem, as the code is constantly re-calculating… and just absorbs whatever changes I make. Please take a look at http://newsite.ozarkmountainair.com/

Hi there,

Please open a ticket over at https://wecodepixels.com/submit-a-support-request/ and be sure to enter your website’s URL, an admin account, and your purchase code. We will be happy to have a look and look for a solution.

Thanks, Liviu

I opened a support ticket 9 days ago, as you suggested. I haven’t heard a word. This is extremely frustrating.

I opened a support ticket 2 months ago, as you suggested. STILL no word. I guess this company is just kidding when they say they offer support.


Is it possible to make it work on both sides left AND right? Thank you.

Hi there,

Yes, if you have two sidebars then you can make both of them sticky.

Cheers, Liviu

Hi there. Just got infected thru your plugin with multiple instances of Onclkds. Do you know how to fix it?

Hi, I’m not sure how that happened because we don’t have any ads included in our plugins. It also doesn’t look like you purchased the plugin from us.

Please avoid downloading our plugins from other websites as they can come bundled with malware like you are experiencing right now.

Hi, I opened a ticket recently (2 days ago), but I didn’t received any notification, neither ticket ID. We are waiting for a reply. Thanks, Nicolas

Hi I am unable to understand how is your plugin different then the free Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin? Can you explain this a bit. Can I have multiple stop points for different sidebars? Also I want to know how well your plugin works with w3tc and autoptimize plugins and rocket loader feature of the cloudflare cdn?

You take so much time to respond to pre sales questions. How will you give support when it is required?

Oh why did I not learn from my mistakes. I purchased your plugin and now neither does it work properly nor do I get any response form you.


As mentioned in our Support tab, we do not check these comments very often and have a dedicated support system. You should have sent us a ticket before requesting a refund and rating us with 1 stars. So in this case I’ll go ahead and close your ticket and approve your refund request.

All the best. Liviu

Hello, does this work with Beaver Builder?

Can i have multiple buy now buttons for different products?


Does this work only for widgets or sidebars or can it be enabled for other elements.

For example visual composer elements (or other builder) i.e. columns.

Thank you in advance.

Hi, I would like to know if this plugin is compatible with the latest version of Enfold Theme, many tanks.

The sidebar is not working correctly. It works just after I scroll down and I refresh the page. I submitted the support ticket, I hope to have an answer soon.


do you know if your plugin is compatible with “gauge” theme (sold here) which unfortunately lack a sticky sidebar ?


Hi there,

Our plugin should be compatible with virtually any theme, so you can go ahead and try it. If you run into any issues, you can submit a support ticket here: https://wecodepixels.com/submit-a-support-request/ . Ultimately, if the plugin doesn’t work, we can issue a full refund, no problem.

Cheers, Liviu

Hi, I want to disable sticky sidebar on all posts and choose which post or sidebar I want to have a sticky sidebar on. Is it not possible?

Hi there,

You can do so using special CSS selectors. For example, instead of using a sidebar selector like ”.sidebar” you can use “body.single-post .sidebar” to enable it only on posts. Please open a support ticket if you need more help: https://wecodepixels.com/submit-a-support-request/

Cheers, Liviu

Seems a very good and useful plugin. My question is: this plugin makes the entire bar floating or the widgets, individually? I tried another plugin (Q2W3 Fixed Widget) and it only made the sidebar widgets to be floating, causing their overlapping one over the other, where there are several widgets in the sidebar. Thank you!

Does it work when you make the sidebar sticky and load an element via Ajax? Does the sidebar stay sticky after Ajax content load?

i know it is too early to ask but can i appreciate if you could help me .. my current theme is having a bug regarding in its built it sticky features.

It doesn’t stop after reaching the bottom elements where it supposed to. Hoping this plugin could fix my problem