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Not sure if you’ve addressed this already but when I added your plugin, I got the following error message:

Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, string given in /home/content/p3pnexwpnas09_data03/50/2488150/html/wp-content/plugins/theia-smart-thumbnails/TstMisc.php on line 160

Please advise.


Please open a support ticket over at http://wecodepixels.zendesk.com with your website’s URL plus admin credentials so that we may investigate the issue more easily.

Thank you

Not sure what exactly is going on, but it seems that every time I create a new post I now have to regenerate the thumbnails to get the image to show in my theme. Not sure why.

See first post on minutemenministries.org

I can give admin access if you need it.


Could you please give us an email with admin credentials at contact@wecodepixels.com? It would also be helpful if you could copy the content of your previous message with the description of your issue inside the email.

Thank you

Still waiting for a reply on this. I sent the admin credentials on March 16, and a followup email asking for a status update on March 26. The username I created for the task has not been used at all. What’s going on?


I have a Classifieds website where users can post from frontend. The problem is thumbnails are not being correctly shown.

If I use your plugin, do I have to regenerate thumbnails everytime a new post is published or do they regenerate automatically?

Regards, Mahendhar.


The plugin regenerates the thumbnails automatically, so it should be okay. But I suggest dropping us a ticket at http://wecodepixels.zendesk.com and we’ll send you a trial version to try out. If it works properly, then you can purchase a license here. :)


Thank you. I have submitted a request.

Hi, Theia Smart Thumbnail not working with WP 4.1…

*I was try with default theme: not working… *I was try with my theme: not… *I was try with and without other plugins: not… *I was try with different service provider (hosting) + different domain: and not working again

And i was write to support 2 days ago… im waiting any help about this situation… anyone can help me please?

Anyone looking here or Support?


We will gladly assist you in this matter. Please open a ticket over at http://wecodepixels.zendesk.com and we will get back to you shortly. If you have already done so, please tell us your ticket number and we will prioritize your request.

Thank you for your patience.

PHP Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, boolean given in XXX/plugins/theia-smart-thumbnails/TstOptions.php on line 38

Please can you fix that.

Hi there,

Thank you for reporting this to us, we’ll definitely have it fixed in our next update.

All the best, Liviu

Can you update the version available at wecodepixels.com for those who purchased it from there?, please

Request sent.

Hope you can update the zip in the member’s area over there.

It’s a sub-par experience having to ask for the zip when you update the plugin, and/or either receive an automatic update with a valid license.


I wholeheartedly agree, I have sent you the latest version and also updated the one from our own site. I apologize I kept you waiting until now.

All the best, Liviu


(Heads up: you packaged a .sh file inside the plugin. Not a harmful one, but still)

I may have said it before, but thank you for keeping this plugin updated. appreciated.

Thank you kindly as well! :)

Hi, How does the licenses work if I have a development, staging & production site, will I need 3 licenses?

Hi George,

You will need just one license in your case. You do need multiple licenses if you want to use the plugin on multiple production sites.

Cheers, Liviu

Pre-purchase question: I have a slider that sets the image as a background, is full-width, but fixed height. So depending on the screen size, it shows differently. From my understanding, this plugin will not help with this, as the image is not being cropped, just displayed as the background image.

Will your plugin help with this situation? I don’t believe it will, just hoping it can…

Site is here: https://thecolephotos.com and I’m referring to the slider on the home page.

Oh wow, I was almost positive there was no way it would work. Ok, thanks!

Holy WOW! I consider myself fairly proficient in PHP, CSS, WordPress, etc, and I’m just stunned at the abilities of this plugin. Simply amazing! I wouldn’t have believed it until I saw it.

Haha I’m really happy to hear that! Remember that if you stumble into any issues you can submit a ticket here as we reply much quicker: https://wecodepixels.com/submit-a-support-request/ And of course if you are satisfied with the plugin, we would love it if you could post a rating/review as well. :) Cheers!

This has to be something of a record. Purchased the plugin. Installed it. Tested it. Uninstalled it!

It failed in the the first most basic test. It messes up parallax!


Hello, I have tested the plugin thoroughly. Whilst it is a good idea – and nicely executed – it causes too many conflicts. :0(


I am very disappointed with this plugin. It does not work correctly and is adversely affecting my website. I would be grateful for a refund.

Please note, I have attempted to send you a message through your website but your online form does not seem to be working.

Hi there,

We have accepted your refund request, as discussed. There probably was an incompatibility between our plugin and your theme or setup. We do our best to make the plugin work with virtually all themes and plugins, and hopefully this specific issue will be fixed in the future.

All the best, Liviu

Hi, Liviu -

Thank you for acting promptly. It is a great shame that the plugin did not work. It is a perfect tool, a perfect idea. Maybe I will buy it again in the future if you continue to develop it.

Note, the theme was “GeneratePress” – which is very popular. The problem was that parallax images became broken when the plugin was activated.

admin demo is out

As an documentation, i saw that we used manual crop. Is there any setting allow auto crop? , crop without any issue lost header.

If I use it with a slider – will it work out of the box? And if developing own slider, will I be able to get the focal point meta data? (how?) TIA :D

Hi there,

It should work if you are using the add_image_size functions to generate your thumbnails. In some cases it also works if you’re using background-image CSS rules. To get the meta data manually, you can use the following:

$focus_point = get_post_meta( $attachmentId, TstPostOptions::META_POSITION, true );

Cheers, Liviu

Hi! Does this plugin works with products’ thumbnails? If so, does it work with the latest version of WordPress and the latest version of WooCommerce?

Hi there,

Yes, it works properly with the latest versions of WordPress and WooCommerce, and it should work with virtually any WooCommerce-compatible theme.

Thanks, Liviu

Hi! I’m working with WordPress 4.9.5 and WooCommerce 3.3.5 and Theia Smart Thumbnails 1.7. But on plugin’s settings, I can´t set shop_catalog thumbnail to “crop to fit” beacause Crop column is set to “No”. I don’t know why…. because on Appearence > Customize > WooCommerce > Product images, Thumbnail cropping is set to 1:1.

I need help beacuse I bought this plugin in order to set shop_catalog thumbnail to crop to fit.


Hi there,

Can you try enabling the “Hard Crop” option in WooCommerce? You should find it here (see screenshot): https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/fixing-blurry-product-images/#section-4

Once the crop is enabled, you should be able to activate crop-to-fit in our plugin.

Thanks, Liviu

Hi there,

some pre-purchase questions:

- Will the plugin actually re-generate the image sizes (in conjunction with a plugin like ‘OTF regenerate thumbnails’ or on its own) or simply underlay a large image and position it in an “overflow:hidden” container (or similar)?

- Would this work with advanced custom field’s image field? I am using a whole lot of ACF fields to enter and pull images / data…

- The “Save all changes”-button isn’t being used any more with the WordPress media gallery (vs. http://wecodepixels.com/theia-smart-thumbnails-for-wordpress/docs/#smart-thumbnails-for-new-images) – how does the plugin trigger the re-generation of existing thumbnails then?

Thanks & regards!

Thanks for your answers! Works as expected, great stuff :)

I have added multiple (ACF)-images via add_image_size but they are not showing up in the live preview, instead there are some generic sizes shown…?

But the image sizes are being generated fine so it’s only a UI-issue really.

Hi there,

Happy to hear that it works. :)

You are right, the new sizes are not shown automatically, instead there are only a few preset sizes. However, you are free to change these. Go to our “General” tab and check out the “Thumbnail preview sizes” option.

From there you can also click “Load theme sizes” to load the exact ones used by your theme and what you defined on your own via add_image_size.

Cheers, Liviu

Gotcha! Thanks & regards ;)

Hello, I had this nice plugin with the theme Publisher.

I played with it and now I would like to reset all points of interests to the default setting (middle). But even I reset all the plugin settings and regenerate all thumbnails, all points of interests of each thumbnails have not be reset.

I can’t find where I can do that.

By the way you provide a link to the “Regenerate Thumbnails” it’s nice but it’s will be nice to replace it by a link to the plugin when this one is already installed ;*)

Thanks Best Regards Nexus

Hi there,

After you reset the settings for all posts, you should use the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin to regenerate all of your thumbnails. You can do this from Tools -> Regenerate All Thumbnails.

Other than that, please note that we can’t provide support for plugins that came bundled with other themes, as per Envato’s policy.

Cheers, Liviu