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Hello !

Great work on the animation! I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I want to be able to use this as a stand alone webpage for my site, I have a " Movies" section of my websites where I am putting up some movies and I want it to feel like a drive in or a theater.
I need this either as a transparent video file or how much would you charge me to make a webpage template for me where I could simply change the youtube URL when I post new movies (:

Hi there! Adobe Edge does not have a video export option! I will try to see if we can had an youtube url to the project. I am a bit busy right now but I will try to give you an answer soon. Thanks.

Hi, can remove the light that moved? Can i chose the opening time? thank you

Hi there. Not sure I understood the questions, but I will try to answer:

• The spotlights are separate objects so you can remove them if you want.

• You can change the opening time by adjusting the keyframes on the timeline.

Hope this helps! ;)

Hi, i have bought the animation. How can i modify it? I see de PDF file but i don’t understand how to save the file, it doesn’t export a .an file!! What should i do?? I want to change logo, bacground, remove text, but then what should i do? Tjank you

Hi there, Thank you for your purchase!

.an files is the native file of adobe edge animate, so you don’t export to that format – you simply “save” or “save as” as .an file.

To export you can watch a movie I made for a similar file I have for sale: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-iWwS2fHG14

On how to change the file you can follow the instructions on the PDF help file I provided. But you still need some basic knowledge of how to operate Adobe Edge software. If you don’t have any knowledge I advise you to follow some simple tutorials from Adobe first to get the hang of things.

Hope this helps!

Hi PVillage, can I change the colour of the curtain?

Hi There! Yes you can! The Curtain is a PNG external file, so you can open it on Photoshop (or similar software) and change it’s color, no problem!

Hope this helps ;)

When I preview the animation in the browser, the searchlights work but the curtains are already open. It works fine in the preview.

That is strange… Try previewing the original animation files you downloaded in the browser to see if it does the same?

Let me know. Thanks!

I started over and everything worked great this time. Not sure what I did but it’s working now. Thanks!

Great! I am glad that you worked it out! Have fun using it :)

Hello, this is exactly what I’ve been looking for, but for a Wordpress website. Is there any way to incorporate this animation into a Wordpress website?

Hi There. I have never used the animation on a wordpress website myself, but I think it is possible. I have done some research and found a website that explains how to do it: http://old.edgedocks.com/content/edge-suite-integrate-edge-animate-wordpress

Hope this helps! Thanks!

Do I need Adobe Edge or can I edit the code directly? I dont use Adobe.

Hi there! I think you can’t change the code directly. You must use Adobe Edge. Sorry!

can i turn this into a 728×90 banner?

Hi There! Yes you can. Since the animation is fully responsive it will adjust it to any size you need. Hope this helps! ;)

Super! Good! My site beautiful https://www.ss23.ru/ – thanks from Russia & Putin

Looks Great!!! Good job :)