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If you have a page or a post named the same thing as the custom tag what happens? I was using another url shortening script that had to be located in a folder like public_html/2/ so all the urls would have that .org/2/ in them. Your plugin is appealing in the way to be able to remove that extra folder. So what does it do when you have a site with multiple pages and you enter the same as a custom tag?


The plugin is built to recognise when a custom URL or tag has already been used.

For example: If you create a page called ‘services’ and then try to create a short url ‘services’ you’ll see a message stating “That custom tag has already been used”.

Okay great thanks for answering

nice file, bookmarked.

Also, got a chuckle reading your disclaimer on the demo page — always nice to see some people with a sense of humor!

No reason why business cannot be fun!

Much appreciated.

Theres something going on with the css. I used the shortcode to put it on a public staff page. The inputs are small, and equal in size. I feel that the url box should be bigger than the custom tag box. The button has no css. Mainly I was reading through the code trying to figure out why there’s no eye candy.

When I’m logged in as an admin I click “create shortened URL ”, it immediately takes me back to the home page with no confirmation of the links creation. Please assist

When I’m logged out and click “create shortened URL ”, it immediately takes me back to the home page. The link works but there is no confirmation. The link doesn’t show under the table for logged in admins on the actual page, but it show in Z6 Short Url Admin Control Panel.

Can you send me the URL to check. Also, send me WP version details and a list of other plugins that you’re using – maybe there’s a conflict.

I got your mail, thanks. For now the plugin does what it’s supposed to do but that’s not what you want it to do – ie, return to the actual page the code was created on, not the home page.

I’ll look into this and see if I can come up with a fix.

Okay great thanks. Its for my internal staff so I was under the impression you could use the short code on any page. It might work fine on the home page but I cant run it there because 1. there’s no eye candy in the actual plugin package. 2. I was planning to hide this from spider, scrapers, sitemap, and visitors.

Whats the progress of the update?


This is something we’ll need to bring in for the next release. Currently no timescale yet as we are also working on a few other elements.

Hi there-

Couple questions for ya.

1) Can this plugin use another domain I own for the shortened urls? For example, say my WP site is domain.com, but I want to use dmn.us for the shortened links.

2) Can/does this plugin provide the opportunity to display the short url somewhere in each post? (as a sharing option)

Thanks, Selym


1, No. It’s purely for you to use domain.com as the shortening URL.. You can, of course, use it directly on dmn.us if you like or any other domain itself.

2, Not particularly – This plugin is intended for shortening any URLs – for example: Google Maps URL: https://maps.google.co.uk/maps?q=London&hl=en&sll=51.507033,-0.127716&sspn=0.494903,1.219482&hnear=London,+United+Kingdom&t=m&z=10 Shortened URL: http://z6.co.uk/London

But if you wanted to provide a shortened URL for a post, there’s no reason why you cannot create the shortened URL then copy/ paste it into the post as a link.


Is there anyway to track how many people clicked my shortlinks?


Not built in, no but maybe if you add a google analytic or similar tracking code to each shortlink.

Howdy. Does this plugin supports WP 3.7.1 multisite? And if it’s not, do you recommend another plugin which supports multisite version of WP? Regards.

Hello this is a presales question. can you make this work with native utf8 character ? Like this http://z6.co.uk/?????? Which did not work with http://z6.co.uk/ca23a1a4 Thanks

this displayed right on your demo http://z6.co.uk/?????? but brought a 404 while its matching http://z6.co.uk/ca23a1a4 worked correctly

the ut8 characters display right for a couple of minutes than go wrong :(

Good work , can short URL like that : www.sitname.com/sample

Yes, you can.

Hi there, Pre-sales questions =)

1: the last update looks like it was quite awhile ago – are you still actively maintaining it?

2: would it be possible to restrict the ‘Long URL’s to only one domain (say, youtube.com)? Anything else should produce an error message.

Thanks – Chris

I went to demo the product, but your page has maintanace mode on – any idea when this will be turned off?