The Wunderbar WYSIWYG Front-End Editor

The Wunderbar WYSIWYG Front-End Editor

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Wunderbar is a WYSIWYG front-end editor for virtually any WordPress site and theme. Wunderbar puts full-featured visual editing on every page. You make your changes right on the page itself – not from the back end admin – so you can see exactly what your fonts, colors, styles, links, tables, and images will look like. No guessing, no wasted time.

Editing before and and after The Wunderbar

Our formatting toolbar looks and works like a familiar word processor, making editing intuitive and fast. Drag and drop images or files, create hyperlinks, and more. Wherever the Wunderbar cursor appears – posts, pages, content, titles, excerpts – you can edit it quickly and with unlimited undo in case you make an error. Wunderbar will change the way you think about editing in WordPress!


  • Change your content as you navigate your site
  • 100% in-context WYSIWYG for
  • Compatible with virtually any theme
  • Edit both posts and pages
  • Edit contents, and most excerpts and titles
  • Full support for fonts, styling, tables, hyperlinks, media & more
  • Drag and drop images and files directly onto your page
  • Undo current edits or revert to previous versions
  • No Setup required – works immediately upon installation
  • Doesn’t require modifying themes in any way
  • Content remains editable through existing back end admin
  • Source code editing available

February 28, 2017: NEW IN VERSION 1.2.0

  • Some really important bug fixes deliver more compatibility
  • Editing is now better on small mobile phone screens: the Wunderbar displays subset of editing buttons for you to work with
  • Comments can now be deleted, not just edited
  • Wunderbar now autochecks for new versions in the standard plugin fashion.

February 9, 2017: NEW IN VERSION 1.1

  • Wordpress Comments are now editable. Just like pages and posts, administrators can now edit the comments made by website visitors, right from the page they appear on.
  • New Wunderbar Widget. Works just like Wordpress’ built-in Text widget, but adds full front-end WYSIWYG editing. Drop a Wunderbar Widget into any widgetized area. Whenever you visit a page displaying that widget, you can also edit it without leaving the page. A huge time-saver!