Discussion on The Wall - Media Gallery - jQuery Powered

Discussion on The Wall - Media Gallery - jQuery Powered

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Hey, I need script similar to yours:

But with this functionality: 1. infinite scroll; 2. layered postitions; 3. Soomth animate.

Can I have this effect with your script? If not, can you do some extra coding for some $$?


Send me a message via –


Hello. The examples have problems, and Mansory Layout has the following error: Can not read property ‘apply’ of undefined

This happens in the example and when I try to follow the exposed in the document.

Could you please check?

Unbookmarked, if you start supporting this again, reply to this and I may add it again.

Is there some place else to see the demo? The demo here does not work, it just keeps spinning. I’m on Mac using latest Chrome to view.

Demo not working. Looking at support above is discouraging. :/

demo doesn’t work :(


Sorry about that, we’ll fix it ASAP.

Our product works very good, though.


Where can I purchase the Wordpress version of this? Or can this be used in a Wordpress site with some coding?

Contact me via PM – for WP version

Thanks !

I purchased this item before and I can’t download this anymore. I still have the purchased code for this item. You seem removed it and upload it again which letting me to hit the purchase the button again. reply asap

Send me a PM via my profile

Can’t see any preview, don’t know if I like it or not.

We’ll fix this


Hi, I have problems on using this wall on Android (it shows only the upper right corner and gets stuck) and on iPad (the moving I see in the youtube video doesn’t work for me. What could be the problem?

We’ll check it out


Is there a wordpress version?

Yes. But not on codecanyon at the moment.

I’ll think about republishing it


You should! Let me know if you plan to soon.

Wow, just spent over an hour trying to decipher this mess and have still barely gotten anywhere.

Can the pictures link to a URL?

Wordpress version?

Can you tell me if I can have this non full screen – i.e. contained in a DIV or a table cell?



Is there an easy way to disable the category bar? It seems to be that you need to edit out some lines in the js file…

Hi, Love the layout and it works fantastic for my purposes. Something I’ve been looking to do is potentially slow down the speed at which the wall moves with the mouse. Is there a way to adjust that interval? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, B

Hi, Nice plugin, like it !!

i’m trying to make a video wall and everything is ok exept the description and the sorting.

here is an example of my wall-item insert :

[div class=”wall-item” data-category=”Homme” title=”test”] <video id=”video” src=”img/perso_1.f4v” loop poster=”img/perso_11.jpg”>Ici la description alternative</video> [/div]

In fact it is working : if i add the title attribute in the wall-item div, the description shows up fine but if i click on a sorting category, the divs wont move and stay in place. If i put the title attr in the video tag, the description doesn’t show up but the category sorting works fine…

Don’t know if i’m clear, my english…If not i can put un example in my ftp. In fact just try to add a title attribute in the wall-item div and you’ll see. I just need to make the description working on the above exemple.

Can you help me with that please ?

Thanks Best regards

Olivier from France


Just added a title to one of the items and worked out fine.

Can you put the example on ftp ?


just sent you an email, thanks

We would like to have the twitter & facebook “like” button the way one can with prettyPhoto. How can we put that functionality back in. This is the code necessary, but we put it into js file and it didn’t seem to work.

social_tools: '<div class="pp_social"><div class="twitter"><a href="" class="twitter-share-button" data-count="none">Tweet</a><script type="text/javascript" src=""></script></div><div class="facebook"><iframe src="'+location.href+'&layout=button_count&show_faces=true&width=500&action=like&font&colorscheme=light&height=23" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:500px; height:23px;" allowTransparency="true"></iframe></div></div>'

Is there a way to make the wall on Chrome browser look like in IE or Firefox ? i mean make it look without 3d effect ?


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