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Looks awesome, good luck with sales ! :)


There’s a chance to add FOOD ORDER system?

Thanks! Great work.

Yes, ofcourse for further conversation please contact us on skype : support.viaviweb

this look very great (1) can i use this site for a pizza shop? you know people create pizza and people can add toppings and create a pizza with half and half.

I don’t really skype for some unknown reason. but this is an example of what i would like the script to do before i can buy

Can i get a reply ?

Hi, will this work with Wordpress?

Welcome anytime, but if you want the similar wordpress plugin we can develop that for you..

Thank you for the offer but experience tells me it is better to find an existing Wordpress solution, which will come with free updates, bug fixes and improvements

btw have team of WordPress experts, can be helpfull in WordPress development, customization etc.

Skype : viaviwebtech

Very good product, and very profesional support and fast.

Random question, but where do I buy the follow buttons you placed on item details?

Hi sir, thanks for your interest in our product. You will have full source code once you purchase the item and you can do any modifications, more information contact on skype : support.viaviweb

Nice software & Interested to buy it for my restaurant. I’ve 2 question: 1. Is full cart include here?, 2. Payment gateway available?

Thanks for your interest. 1. Cart included 2. If Payment gateway not include but with customize it’s possible. For more information contact on Skype: support.viaviweb

Hi on your website demo click add to cart is not working ?! Under chrome nothing happens

Hi thanks for your interest on our product. Please “Remove Frame” from demo then after Refresh page. Some issue on catch that’s it’s happens but don’t worry about Script. It’s working Fine.

Hi, I’m interested to buy it for my Pizza Parlor. Can we include delivery tracker as well?

Thanks for your interest and It’s possible with customization. For custom Modification please contact on Skype: support.viaviweb

Hello, I tried to add items on cart and nothing works, even to remove the items that are on cart by default. I removed the frame and reloaded the page and nothing works as well. Please fix that. I want order this script. I tried on IE and Chrome. Thanks

Thanks for your interest on our product and now some issue going on server that’s it’s happens. Now you can check this Demo here:

It can be translated?

Thanks for your interest in our product. If you want this script in your language then it’s possible with customization.

before i buy this script, how do we get inform order has been placed!! how do we confirm the order,, is any option for lunch special 11am till 3pm and script it will open and close on these time hours.

delivery area 6 mile range or so

i see in your demo nothing is for..

We are here for next 6 hours. So you can send me mail in our office time.


99.99% all of my purchase here in “ENVATO MARKET” are piece of junk, those scripts, templates, themes never work’s well, problems – problems – problems and they never help you. I don’t understand how the hell do you put script like these for sale ( “i guess” are bunch idiots including me buying this),

menu setting is f...


Hello sir,

Already lots of client purchase script and now one have any issue. If any one any problem in script then we are give full support and solution. If you want solution for your problem then send me your cpanel details on our mail id and We will check your problem and sole it, If you have no trust on us and you not provide me details then we can’t give you support.


Hi, I like this script!. This is my presale question. This tools can be made? 1. Make attribute for menu products like Pizza for example: small, xl, xxl (pizza dimension). When you select an attribute the price is changing like a regular ecommerce product.? 2. There is no phone number in view order details. 3. Upload more than one photo on menu items.? 4. There is a language file to make an easy translation on my language?

Thank you so much

Thanks for your interest on our script. Now this kind of any functionality not available in script. If you want then it’s possible with customization. For more information contact us on Skype: support.viaviweb

Thank you . I will contact you on Skype next days.

Welcome. You can contact us on our business hours +5:30 GMT 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

hi there! I’ve encountered couple of problems with the script. could you please clarify/provide solution? 1. the script won’t install on a system running php7 because of the mysql driver. mysqli is needed. any solution/plans/etc.? 2. i’me getting an error when going to the “reservation” menu right after installation: Undefined index: is_logged_in, Filename: controllers/hotel.php, Filename: controllers/hotel.php, Line Number: 911 can you look into it and fix? 3. Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by… Filename: helpers/url_helper.php, Line Number: 543.

can you fix these? thanks.

Hi Sir, We are back from vacation. Contact on Skype for more support: support.viaivweb

Support Time: Working Days: Monday to Friday Business Hours: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM +5:30 GMT

hi, thank you for your generous offer. i’m not sure how support outside codecanyon subordinates to codecanyon selling rules, and i don’t use skype anyway. actually, i’ve resolved the issues for myself, and this question remains to see how viavi team is fast/willing/able to resolve issues. right now “the viavi restaurant system” has some very serious issues in the installation and operation departments. like if you manage to install, you won’t be able to enter admin dashboard. and it obviously has to be resolved, as nobody can affectively use your system in the present state. i’m quite reluctant to expose my solution, ‘cause – i believe – everyone would be interested in hearing how viavi team solves it. so, to repeat in short, can you make installation work in php7 and fix inability of enetering admin dashboard?

Sir if you have any issue and you want support then contact on Skype for more information. Here we can’t explain you all things. I hope you understand

Thanks :)

Before purchase question, No documentation found and larvaell application installation always a big problem. How can it install on local host easily

Hi, Once you purchase this product you will get full package with source code and document file. You have to that document file setup script on your live server.

presales questions need a customized insta-mojo payment gateway (india), + do script have payment records ? + how to change currency sign from $ to rupees?

Hi, This all thing possible with customization.