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This dude is not answering??? Hello, I don’t see the files in the folder???

This script looks nice, and has the multiupload function.

I bookmark this!

I have a problem when i upload it on the website i get this can someone please help me

I am having the same problem as ifelse. Hello ifelse, did you resolve your problem, as this guy doesn’t seem to reply to any questions..

damn files arent showing in folder! CODECANYON! BANN THIS ONE OR GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK

Seems the work great. At least my multiple selected files came in all right on the server.

Those of you having problems, have you set the directory permissions correctly?

Anyway; it’s not very good service not responding to your requests!

Very nice little scripts and relatively easy to customize with the CSS scheme.

However, one thing puzzles me: When you hover the mouse over the browse and/or the start button, the buttons changes color. When you then remove the mouse from the button they don’t change back to the original color. I can’t see that this hovering effect is controlled by CSS.

Any hint?

I had such high hopes for this, it looks really nice. But doesn’t work. I have everything in the right place, it displays well, just wont activate. Oh and it’s flashplayer, so even if it did it’s no good for any mobile device.

there in no description that this is flash /only/. i just buyed it and its for nothing for me. e.g. don’t run on ipad, iphone.

Hello i need up the files in order by i select, currently random up…

Nice and easy to install. Thanks for the documentation part, usefull if you don’t have any programming skills!


When I first bought this script, it works perfect, but later we moved the site to other host and this script won’t work and even on 5 more different hosts. we can’t identify the requirements for this script.

if you can help me with this it will be good…

1. if your product in my news_add.php

the upload dir can I set form my news_add.php?

beasuce, I need upload upload/$_GET[id]

2. I need after upload, display all photo. cat it do that???

Thanks so much

It seems to use flash, which makes it useless on many devices!

hello friend, a question to finish loading files … it could display a message with the url where you save that file?

as I can assign the code include a html page?

hi, can I use for upload mp4 files and protect them as well in its folder? then the files are used to fech in player guy…


rm125t Purchased

Severely disapointed after purchasing this script! It uses FLASH! Yet no where in the description does the Author mention that.