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Great game! HTML5 the flash killer :) good luck with sales


Looks great. Best of luck with sales :)


Including source code to making native apk files ? whats software to editing files / apk ?

The game was made by construct 2.It is an html5 game engine.You can check this.https://www.scirra.com/

Hi, I’ve just noticed the left button doesn’t work – it doesn’t tilt the car back. Can you fix this please? Thanks

The two buttons on left side just control balance.If you want move the car back,please press brake button.

Sorry, my mistake. Buttons work fine :)

Looks like fun. Is there a high score system?

The main file just provide a main system,there is no high score system.

Is there a way to interject into the game? For instance, after 3 holes, I display some html, then continue with the next 3?

My apologies, wrong question, For this game, could I build a high score system using php/ js ?

The game was made by construct 2 game engine,You can download the game engine and the main file provides game project file.You can use the project file to make a high score system.Or If you are an html5 programmer you can edit the HTML5 file directly to build the high score system.

Interesting game! Presale questions: 1. Can i edit the level? Or any included level editor?


Have you used construct2 engine?,use the engine,it is easy to add levels.

Hello! The game is great! :) Does it work on phones / tablets? Do I need Construct2 to edit or are the HTML5 files editable without it?

Would it be possible to compile this game using PhoneGap and adding AdMob?



Here is the link to my another game.

I have added admob in this case,but after new development policy I can’t see admob from the game.(Maybe the issue caused by no wifi connection,with GPRS I can’t see ads,I will try 3G or 4G network later time)

You can download the game from google play and try it.

Thank you, will have a look at it!

AdMob should be fine in your games, I don’t see any problems with that.

Yeah,glad to hear that

Can i add this game into an app?

Yes,of course ~

Could i add it just adding the html code?

No,it also has js file.I think it also need to be added

Do you have plans to to transform it in a complete game (with menus, more levels, level selector)?

Hi,this is just a template.I don’t have plan to add more features.

Great game to help learn constuct 2. I have one question about it. Can you explain or link to the technique on how you built the ground with just using that one object? Can’t seem to figure that out.


Hi,Thank you for your purchase There is a object type called tiledmap.I used that build the ground.

Nice job leesungwoo. I have a 2 quick questions.

1) Is there any chance to get end time and cargo count in to php file and what function is in the c2runtime.js?

2) Can I add sound for this game? something like acceleration, break, etc..

Thank you. Cheers

Thank you for your remind.I will contact to this man

can you share the apk file of android version. I want to test before purchase.

Sorry for late reply.Please tell me your email or send an email to me then I will send the APK file via email


I bought that item. I did evrything I wanted and it’s very cool. The only issue I have is that the truck game is not working on my Samsung galaxy S3. The truck is literally sinking. Do you know why ?

Best regards

Hello,thank you for your purchase

I haven’t test it on S3,On my S2 it works well.Maybe you need package the game with Cross XDK,

I tested your version online on my S3

Where is the sound?

Hi, thank you for this excellent model to play.

Until recently I know Construct 2 and want to know how to open the game truck. How can I install the plugin TIME MANAGER in the game?

Hi,This is the place that you need.”Construct 2\exporters\html5”.When you go to this folder you will find the “behavior” folder and “plugin” folder.If the addons are “plugin”you need paste them to the “plugin” folder if they are behavior then you need paste them to the “behavior” folder.More info you can check C2 forum.You can find great info and tools there.https://www.scirra.com/forum/

well done! GLWS ;)