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my client like to make it on click not hover, is it possible?

It’s awesome, thanks!

This is perfect! Very easy to setup. Very easy to customize. You should raise the price :)

Thank you for your great work!

I love the tool-tip, great job! I seem to have it working on most everything but Android devices..any thoughts or is this just a no go? I need to have my site working on all devices so this would be wonderful….Thank-you so much!


I read that @musicmojo did not get it to work on Android devices, yet your support says it is supported. I am a little bit confused here, as Android support is a key feature for me. Does it work or not? Thanks for clearing that up!

Hey c_mayr

I just came by to see if there was anything updated about Android and i saw your message. I never got it working with Android and I think the author is not around on Envato anymore. You may be lucky but Im pretty much going to have to rip it out and try something else as I have to get it working on all devices :( best of luck.


What if i want to make it visible from the start? how would i suppose to do it?

Thanks! Great work!

Hi there, is it possible to add your tooltips to a wordpress nav menu item?

sorry but your support and documentation website don’t work anymore – is there a new one, cause I could need a bit help with the Tooltip Script.

Hi, thank you for this good work. I have a question:

Is it responsive?

Hello .. I hope you have great sales at this site .. Follow me TOO :D

I just purchased The Tooltip script and I am very impressed with the simple clean design. Great work in creating this script.

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