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Is the download on here the latest release? I get all sorts of errors that involve the architecture settings – It seems this may not be compatible with the latest Xcode. Any update?

please add me on my skype i will send you access to nightly build which works with latest xcode

Is there Tagging people on photo option?

my skype is rupenm

Answer at skype please!

I am on skype waiting for you

its not working app on appstore not login even not signup what is the issue its also not comile in new ver of xcode as well

i have tesed for ios 8 but if you want i can demo you the features on teamviewer or skype screen share and if you are happy then go ahead and buy it , because we dont want any bad reviews . I am giving you website , api , code for ios and api with database all in this price at code caynon . i hope this is the BEST deal every have . my skype is rupenm

is it possible to update in ios9 ?

We have not tested on ios 9 yet but we are using standard native classes so i think it should work and if you wish you upgrade the app with new liberaries then you can do that as well .

Hey, can you please send me the latest nightly build? And I will add you on skype cause I do have some errors I need help with

is there an android version??

Once we confirm your purchase , Please add me on Skype rupenm i will send you nightly build access and also we have android version separately coded highly stable and has features like image tagging , video upload and much more . We are doing few final QA before we upload to codecaynon , Will get back to you soon .

Any update for me ?

I don’t have Skype can you send me an updated version to fix Xcode errors? I have already purchased. Thanks

is there a video of how the app works?

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